DIY Zoo Animal Water Bottles for Kids

INSIDE: How to make zoo animal water bottles for kids…without a machine. DIY zoo-theme water bottle labels.

Kid water bottles when visiting a zoo made without a vinyl cutting machine | DazzleWhileFrazzled.comGoing to the zoo –  especially a world-class one like the San Diego Zoo – is beyond fun for the kids. Those “kids” also include mom and dad. It’s an educationally interesting, all-day activity where you will indeed log many footsteps on your tracker!

Now as a mom of three little kids, I often feel like I’m living in my own wild animal habitat! So what is more fitting when taking my trio of wild and active monkeys to the zoo then to outfit them with animal-themed water bottles?

Learn how we got into the zoo spirit with DIY water bottle labels…without a fancy machine…that can be done in cheetah-like speed!
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DIY Superhero Boys Bed with Wood Superhero Emblem

Inside: How to turn a Craigslist twin bed into a DIY superhero boys bed with spray paint and DIY wood superhero emblem.

DIY Superhero Boys Bed | DazzleWhileFrazzled.comHave you ever noticed that home projects seem to take on their own life? We recently installed new flooring in our kids bedrooms. Yay! Check the box on that long overdue home To Do. However, the act of moving furniture out of rooms quickly led to several furniture updating projects dotting our backyard landscape.

One such project was completely redoing our 5-year old’s Craigslist bed frame to better fit into his superhero themed bedroom. With all the bed frame pieces laying on old sheets across the backyard, this is how we turned a plain wood bed frame into a DIY superhero boys bed. This is project is also part of a Thrift Store Challenge. Scroll down to the end of this post to see other Thrift Store upcycles by some 30 bloggers…
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DIY: How to Make Rolled Fabric Flowers From Fabric Remnants

DIY Rolled Fabric Flowers | DazzleWhileFrazzled.comI’m a sucker for several things. I’ll take anything with polka dots. I am not beyond wearing something with a bow. And I love to add fabric flowers to dress something up. I wonder what that says about me?!

Case in point, an upcycled DIY sweater winter wreath I created. Sure it looked fine on its own. But it may look even better with, you guessed it, a handful of fabric flowers!

Today I’m sharing with you how to create simple DIY rolled fabric flowers using fabric remnants. Let’s learn…
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How to Pick a Family Word of the Year

How to pick a family word of the year | DazzleWhileFrazzled.comThis year we are trying something new. We are going to have a family word of the year. We were given this idea by a good friend of the family, who does this each year at Thanksgiving when her grown children come to town. In their case, they reserve a board room at a restaurant and don’t emerge until they’ve agreed on a focus word for the upcoming year. This year, they selected the word “integrity”.
As much as I love that word, and the idea of sitting around a grand table (with cocktails and finger foods!) deliberating inspirational words and phrases, we are just not there yet with our crew. Nowhere close.
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How To DIY Faux Fur with Fleece-Lining Wrap Tutorial

DIY Faux Fur Wrap Shawl Shrug with Fleece Lining | DazzleWhileFrazzled.comFor the past several years, my husband and I attend a formal holiday party, which is usually the one time of year we get all gussied up. leave our pint-sized trio at home  and head out for a kid-free night. And given that we live in Arizona – in December – you never know if you’ll still be flipping around in sandals or will need to pull out “winter clothes” (which is probably what most of the country wears in September!).

For this year’s holiday party, we were actually having a wee bit of a “cold front”. You know, daytime weather in the 60s. Wanting something a little more hefty than a pashmina, I created a super warm and comfy DIY faux fur wrap lined with fleece. Learn how I easily made this…
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Pregnant? How to Make a Fun Ghost Family Halloween Announcement

Make a Halloween Pregnancy Announcement with Paper Bag Ghosts | DazzleWhileFrazzled.comLet’s get some important info. out there first: I am not pregnant. There is no little pumpkin #4 baking in the oven. As much as I love my three little BOO’s, I am tired. I spend more time than I’d care to know handing out snacks and filling cups; have grudgingly accepted that I now drive a mini van complete with carpool duties; and a recent visit to the beauty salon revealed my first “platinum blonde” (read: one lone silvery strand sitting comfy on top of my head). So we’re all good on the kid-front here.

But a couple years back, I was not quite so ready to list all the baby gear on Craigslist. I need one more pumpkin to add to our patch, I told my husband. And this is how I found myself one October desperately thinking of some creative way to tell the families that in a few short months, another little goblin would be joining the BOO Crew. This is how I crafted our way to the pregnancy announcement…
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How to Have Home Playdate Activities for 6-8 Year Old Girls

How to have a home playdate activities and ideas for girls ages 6-8 | DazzleWhileFrazzled.comDoes your daughter love to have playdates? Is she already planning the next friend playdate before the one she’s having is even over? Yes and Yes. This describes my 7 year old daughter – our pint-sized social butterfly who just cannot get enough of being with her friends.

I’m totally cool with my kids having their friends over. It helps me to get to know all these little personalities I hear so much chitter chatter about at the dinner table. Plus, it’s always interesting to see how my child interacts socially.

If I could be a stealth fly on the wall when they are at school so I could scope out the social happenings on the playground, I’d be all over it! But since I don’t want to be known as the Crazy Mom, I invite the insanity over to my home instead.

Here are some keep-busy ideas and home playdate activities when the phrase ‘Can I have a playdate?’ is uttered…
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This Is How We Splish Splash Our Way to The Olympic Games

Rio 2016 Olympic GamesThis is a sponsored post for SheSpeaks/P&G. All opinions and thoughts are my own.

Do you have a future Olympian cartwheeling off the couch, swan diving in the bathtub or splish splashing around the backyard pool? Only time will tell if we have a future Olympian in our house!

But we do have a great love of all the warm weather sports, particularly swimming.
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How To Quickly Repurpose Baking Pan Into a Wall Frame

INSIDE: How to repurpose a baking pan by turning it into a wall frame.

How to repurpose baking pan into a unique wall art frame | DazzleWhileFrazzled.comDo you have any much-used but scratched up baking pans in your pantry? Have you baked all the brownies you can bake in some old, tired pan? Instead of tossing it, give it a second chance at life by transforming it into wall art.

Baking pan as wall art? Yep, you heard right. From a pan we picked up at an estate sale, learn how to take an old pan and quickly transform it into an unconventional piece of art.


This project is easier than whipping up a pan of brownies, which sound really good right about now!
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How To DIY a Waterproof Swim Bag

Inside: How to make a DIY waterproof swim bag. Perfect for swim lessons or as go-to beach bag.

DIY Waterproof Swim Beach Bag |

Do you toss wet towels and suits into your bag only to find they have soaked through and onto whatever the bag was sitting on? Now you have a wet car seat or soggy magazines.

Did you know you can make any canvas tote bag water-proof? No need to purchase pricey, designer swim or beach bags when adding your own water-resistant liner is beyond easy. It does require you to know how to sew… a straight line. That’s it.


Check out how I made personalized, waterproof swim bags for my kids from a $6 canvas tote…

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