Diamonds and Teal: A Dining Room Makeover

In the short year+ we have lived in our current home, we’ve been quickly making it our own. For whatever the reason, we seem to have started the makeover process in those rooms that aren’t heavily used. So instead, they are just pretty to look at as we walk by! One of such said rooms is our dining room. I’m unbelievably modest but I’m pretty proud of it…
Dining Room Makeover DIY

a diamonds and teal dining room makeover

We started with a dining room that was truly super blank – white walls, white floors – canvas. After ripping out the old tile floors and replacing them with a wood laminate, then came the fun: painting and decorating!
Dining Room Makeover DIY
This dining room needs a graphic impact, I thought. Wallpaper seemed too overwhelming to me (and too costly) so I stumbled upon the idea of stenciling. I’ve never used a stencil in my life so I ordered a “large” stencil from a favorite site. Awesome, I thought, I’ll be done in hours. (As so many Pinterest sites led me to believe!) Lo and behold, my stencil package arrived and to my shock, the “large” stencil was a small 11×11″! I couldn’t return it so I was forced to made it work. Four very late nights later, I had my faux wallpaper, my graphic impact, my sore arms! As long as you don’t look too close and see my newbie errors, it’s pretty cool…as you walk by!
Dining Room Makeover DIY
One of our favorite DIY transformation projects has been our Salvage Yard Photo Railing, which makes for an eye-catching statement gallery wall.
Dining Room Makeover DIY

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