How to Stencil a Fun Pattern on a Ceiling

INSIDE: How to stencil a fun pattern on a ceiling with Cutting Edge Stencils.

How to stencil a fun pattern on a ceiling with paint using Cutting Edge Stencils | Dazzle While Frazzled.comWhat wild home decor ideas do you get after flipping through a magazine? When you are sitting at your child’s sporting practice for an hour+, your mind may easily wonder to how great it would be do something fun and colorful to an otherwise boring ceiling.

This is how I found myself perched atop a ladder in the middle of my foyer, foam roller in one hand and painter’s tape in another, stencil a pattern onto the ceiling.

While I am not a self-described stenciling pro, I have successfully stenciled two long walls in our house before. However, a ceiling was something new! It was a little more neck-craning (thank gawd for Ibuprofen!) but the results are pretty awesome! Here are the before’s and after’s…
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Fill In The Blank “My Teacher Is Super” Printable

INSIDE: A free downloadable Fill In The Blank “My Teacher Is Super” teacher appreciation printable.

Fill in the blank "My Teacher Is Super" free printable for teacher appreciation gift | Dazzle While Frazzled.comI am not a teacher. I can barely manage my three kids let alone a room of 20-something constantly moving, hand raising, story sharing children. But I have GREAT appreciation for these unbelievably patient men and women who welcome and embrace my kids five days a week.

So whenever our school has their annual Teacher Appreciation Week, I find it the perfect time to let them know how much they are valued and respected…and their patience level admired.

Here’s a super easy fill-in-the-blank  “My Teacher Is Super” printable. Let your kids imagination go wild as they describe the super superhero their teacher is!
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DIY Umbrella Stand into an Easy Patio Side Table

INSIDE: How to build an easy outdoor patio side table using a metal umbrella stand.

Turn a metal umbrella stand into an outdoor patio side table | Dazzle While Frazzled.comNo idea why but we have three umbrella stands and one patio umbrella. Not too sure why this is. Did we lose an umbrella in a house move? Did someone “gift” us a heavier-than-heck metal base and forget its umbrella companion?

But here we sit outdoors among the warm sun, the green grass and flowering pots…and three metal (and dare I say, rusting) umbrella stands dotting the landscape. It was time to get crafty or call in for a donation pick-up. Guess which option I roped my husband into?

This is how we turned a rusted umbrella stand into a unique and practical outdoor patio side table…
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Easy School Teacher Gift and Thank You Note Idea

INSIDE: DIY easy school teacher appreciation gift with thank you note idea for students.

DIY School Teacher Appreciation Coffee Mug Gift and Thank You Note Idea | Dazzle While Frazzled.comSo, I’m big on thank you notes. Does that make me old school? My mom would make us write thank you notes before we could play with the gift. Painful as a kid but the habit has stuck.

Fast forward a handful of years later and I find myself arm twisting my own daughter to write a sweet and short note to her 2nd grade teacher as we quickly wrap up the school year.

An appreciative note is a “latte” better in a DIY school teacher coffee mug, don’t you think?
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Stay Frazzled-Free With Efficient Kitchen Appliances and Practical Tips

INSIDE: How to set up an efficient and organized kitchen with kitchen appliances by AJ Madison.

How do you stay “frazzled-free” in the kitchen? With three constantly snacking kids, an equally always hungry dog and a still growing husband, I spend a lot of time standing in my kitchen. Whether it’s chopping up veggies, cleaning up from the mid-day snacking or prepping dinner before we leave for baseball practice or swim team, I’m in my kitchen a lot!

In order to help me remain sane in the midst of what often feels like kitchen mayhem, I depend on my handy and efficient kitchen appliances to get me through the day. If I didn’t have a great dishwasher or a reliable refrigerator, my daily life would be more frazzled than it already is!

How to stay frazzled-free in the kitchen with reliable and efficient kitchen appliances and kitchen organization tips | DazzleWhileFrazzled.comPhoto courtesy of AJ Madison

This is a sponsored post with BraVoMark. All opinions are mine.

manage kitchen chaos with efficient kitchen appliances

One of the hardest working appliances for our busy family is the dishwasher. I’m not sure I’d be the “happy homemaker” I am without one! One of my favorite features of today’s dishwasher is the sound reducing features. My house is loud enough without a dishwasher running in the background! On my list for our kitchen when it’s time for an upgrade is a Bosch Dishwasher.

How to stay frazzled-free in the kitchen with reliable and efficient kitchen appliances and kitchen organization tips | DazzleWhileFrazzled.comPhoto courtesy of AJ Madison

Are you like me, constantly repeating “Close the fridge door!”, to a parade of always hungry kids?! Story of my frazzled life. In the few minutes the door is closed, it makes me happy to have a pretty and sleek refrigerator as part of my kitchen decor. And a large freezer doesn’t hurt either!
How to stay frazzled-free in the kitchen with reliable and efficient kitchen appliances and kitchen organization tips | DazzleWhileFrazzled.comPhoto courtesy of AJ Madison

where to shop for efficient kitchen appliances?

Why run all over town visiting every big box appliance store? Been there, done that with kids in tow. Not fun! You can actually enjoy the process of shopping for a new dishwasher or refrigerator – while sitting on the couch in your comfiest clothing – online by visiting AJ Madison. A little appliance shopping and a bowl of ice cream makes for a successful day!

how to stay efficient and organized in the kitchen

I am far from a fabulous chef but I can read a recipe like a pro! Here are some of my favorite tips for remaining sane, efficient and organized in the kitchen:

  • Have a “triangle”. If your kitchen is not set up with the stove, refrigerator and sink forming the shape of a triangle, keep your pots and pans, cooking utensils and cutting boards within easy reach in the triangle zone.
  • Keep the spices and cooking oils within an arm’s reach. No more running back and forth to the pantry.
  • Can you eliminate multiple small appliances by having one do double (or triple) duty?
  • Short on pantry space? Use pretty containers that not only hold flour, sugar, rice and other staples but also act as attractive counter top decor.
  • And my favorite, clean as you go!

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DIY Vintage Linens No Sew 10 Minute Table Runner

INSIDE: How to make a no sew, 10 minute table runner using vintage linens and napkins.

Do you have any vintage cloth napkins hidden away in a sideboard? Or found the desire to dig through a pile of assorted table linens at a thrift store for a few antique gems? Yes and Yes, is what I say.

But when I found myself on the receiving end of a very large stash of antique linens, I just had to give them a purpose outside of sitting neatly folded in a drawer. I wanted to showcase their vintage details and beauty. Plus I needed a table runner for my dining room table!

In 10 “frazzled-free” minutes, here’s how to create a no sew table runner. Vintage table linens or not…

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How To Make An Easy DIY Coffee Mug for Mother’s Day

INSIDE: How to make an easy DIY travel coffee mug for Mother’s Day.

My mother is pretty picky about gifts. Love her very much but she’s so hard to buy for! There’s a lot of brainstorming that goes on come those gift-giving times.

However, you give her anything handmade and you’re golden. Now with a trio of kids of my own, I can give them some paper and colored pencils and let them create away for (grand)mom.

So I was pretty relieved to find DIY travel coffee mugs that I could easily make handmade and special for this Mother’s Day. Using paints and some letter stickers from the kids craft stash, I think I made a gift for mom she’ll happily enjoy…
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Home Run! Printable Baseball Tags For Game Day Snacks

INSIDE: Don’t strike out! Free printable baseball tags for kids game day snacks.

I’m in Year Two of being a Baseball Mom. Do I understand all the rules? Not really. Have I called it “rounds” instead of “innings”? Guilty. Will I ever comprehend why they wear white pants when sliding in dirt? Never.

But there I sit, clapping and waving back to my 5 year old who seems to spend a great portion of the game chatting and dancing on the field…instead of, you know, paying attention.

And when you ask the Baseball Player (as he refers to himself as) what his favorite part of the game was, he has one quick answer: the snacks.

Here’s how to easily get all crafty with it for those baseball game day snacks…and fake that you know what the game is all about!
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How To Make A Thrifty Ethan Allen Dresser Knock Off For $20

INSIDE: How to make a thrifty $20 knock off version of an Ethan Allen girls Wonderland dresser.

How to make a thrifty Ethan Allen girls bedroom dresser knock off for $20 | DazzleWhileFrazzledHave you opened the mailbox to find a catalog you’ve never signed up for? Seems to happen at least once a week. Catalogs for bird lovers (what??), magazines on how to get abs of steel (what??), clothing for someone twice my age (what??). I really should cancel all these and save a few trees, shouldn’t I?

So when an Ethan Allen furniture catalog found its way into my mailbox, I couldn’t help but flip through it. It is Ethan Allen after all. Gorgeous furnishings that are way out of my stay-at-home mom “salary”!

However that’s when I saw this super cute dresser from their Disney furniture line. It only cost $1,899! Could I replicate it for less? Let’s find out…
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DIY Girls Bedroom Decor with a Thrifty Budget

INSIDE: How to DIY girls bedroom decor with a thrifty budget.

DIY Girls Bedroom Decor on a Thrifty Budget | DazzleWhileFrazzled.comA vintage chandelier and a spunky little girl. Those were the two motivators to getting our 7-year old’s bedroom decorated and checked off the (very long) home To Do list.

It all started when this plucky girl announced her desire for a “princess canopy bed”. As with most home projects, one seemingly small project became a giant snowball of multiple projects all going simultaneously! (You should’ve seen the state of our garage.)

The bed led to redoing the dresser which led to re-purposing an old, vintage vanity stool to updating a bookcase. Snowball. And here’s how we did it all for less than $150…
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