DIY Chalkboard Plate Charger Flower Wreath

INSIDE: DIY chalkboard plate charger door wreath with fabric flowers made from fabric scraps.

Use chalkboard paint to make a writable plate charger wreath | DazzleWhileFrazzled.comThere’s nothing I like more than taking Item A and transforming it into Item B. That’s how I felt about a metal plate charger, inherited from a relative’s house sale, that spent much of its new life sitting in our garage gathering dust.

As often happens for us, once we can no longer squeeze two cars into the garage, we find ourselves doing a weekend purge. And that is how this dusty plate charger was discovered!

With a can of chalkboard paint and a pile of fabric scraps, here’s how I turned a formerly silver plate charger into a writable front door wreath…

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DIY Denim Nautical Ocean Wreath

INSIDE: How to make a nautical themed front door wreath using old denim jeans and ocean-themed wooden cutouts.

DIY Denim Nautical Ocean Door Wreath. How to use old jeans | DazzleWhileFrazzled.comWhy have I been saving the bottom half of some jeans I cut up to make denim shorts? These leg-less jeans have been hanging out in my sewing basket for the past couple of months. It was time to give them a purpose, or make them meet the garbage can.

I took these jean halves and combined them with one of my most favorite things – ocean decor – for an easy DIY denim, nautical-inspired front door wreath.

So if you find yourself making some summertime jean shorts, this is how you can get crafty with those now useless jean bottoms…
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DIY Margarita Day Cinco de Mayo Fiesta Wreath

INSIDE: How to make a bright and colorful DIY Margarita Day Cinco de Mayo Fiesta Wreath.

DIY Margarita Day Cinco de Mayo Fiesta Wreath | DazzleWhileFrazzled.comI don’t know about you but I cannot pass up a Mexican fiesta! Taco Tuesday is probably the best day of the week. And as an Arizonan, burritos, guacamole and margaritas are just part of our southwest way of life. Which is why National Margarita Day (February 22nd) and Cinco de Mayo (May 5th) are great days of celebration!

To celebrate these days of fiesta, I have created a colorful front door wreath. It’s bright, fast and fun! Salt or no salt, let’s celebrate today…
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DIY Sweater Winter Wreath with Upcycled Scarf Rosettes

DIY Sweater Winter Wreath with Upcycled Scarf Rosettes | DazzleWhileFrazzled.comMy poor sweater bit the dust. It was the perfect color to go with anything and the perfect weight for our chilly then suddenly warm Arizona weather. I think what did it in was strapping on Child #1 into the baby carrier while towing a protesting Child #2 as we walked Child #3 into kindergarten every morning. Apparently, that school year was just too much for the sweater to withstand (and probably mom too) and hole after hole, it slowly become unwearable.

But do you think I tossed it? No! It was re-purposed into a DIY sweater winter wreath. And while at it, I also upcycled an old scarf to create accent flower rosettes. And this is how I did it…
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DIY Painted Pinecones Rustic Halloween Garland

INSIDE: How to make an easy rustic Halloween garland using pinecones and craft acrylic paints.

Use pinecones to make an easy, rustic Halloween garland | DazzleWhileFrazzled.comI was surprised one morning to find pinecones on a neighbor’s yard…in the middle of the Arizona desert. We have lizards, cacti and dust. Not too many pinecones. Needless to say, I scooped a bunch of them up and ran home.

After they were cleaned and any buggy critters ousted, I pulled out my craft acrylic paints and set to work making an easy, rustic Halloween garland.


So grab the kids or Fido and scour your neighborhood for your main crafting supply – pinecones.
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How To Make a Mesh Pumpkin Wreath in 5 Steps

How to make a mesh pumpkin wreath in 5 easy stepsWhat do orange and green have in common? If your answer is pumpkin, treat yourself to a yummy pumpkin spice latte, glazed pumpkin scone or maybe just another trip to the craft store!

Since a visit to the craft store may be more calorie-friendly than devouring the season’s tasty treats, add some green and orange mesh to your shopping cart along with some patterned grosgrain ribbon. Some you’ll be closing your door on a shiny new pumpkin wreath… on your way to grab your pumpkin spice latte! Continue reading

10 Unique, Creative Outdoor Fall Door Wreaths

INSIDE: A collection of 10 unique and creative outdoor fall door wreaths to make and DIY today.

Outdoor Fall Door Wreath RoundupAnyone ready for some cooler weather? Is it time to pack away the flip flops in exchange for jeans and boots? Even if the weather isn’t quite as crisp as you’d like (hello Arizona!), at least you can bring out the fall colors and decorate as though the leaves are falling off the trees!

I’ve gathered 10 really fun and creative fall wreath ideas to help you start thinking in terms of oranges and greens and browns. Pull out the glue and floral wire, and get ready to Do-It-Yourself an outdoor fall door wreaths!
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Make Easy and Quick Beach Door Decor in 10 Minutes

Raise your hand if you’re ready for some beach time.
As a “zonie” (aka: Arizonan), one can only take so much of the dry, desert heat before you literally crack and need some moisture.

So while I wait a couple more weeks until our annual pilgrimage to the California coast, I decided to bring the beach to my front door with the easiest and the quickest beach door decor.

Grab your sand pail and see how I did it…
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How To Make a Knock-Off CB2-Inspired Modern Flower Pot

INSIDE: How to create a modern outdoor planter. A Crate & Barrel planter knock-off project.

I have a multi-pocket file folder, that I’m pretty sure I’ve had since my college days, that I store ripped out pages from catalogs and magazines. Call it an ‘I Want My House To Look Like This’ book or a ‘Someday When I Have Lots Of Time, I Will Make’ book. Whatever its name, this beat-up file folder houses all sorts of torn-out inspiration, including a little gem of a unique modern planter from Crate & Barrel (CB2, to be exact).

There’s nothing like a good knock-off challenge! See how I created my own version of a CB2-inspired modern flower pot. (Scroll down to bottom of post for a comparison!)
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How To Make Flower Front Door Decor Using Plastic Nursery Pots

INSIDE: Use plastic nursery flower pots to create DIY flower front door decor.

Make Flower Decor Using Plastic Nursery PotsIf you were to come up my driveway, tucked in next to the garbage can, you would see two large stacks of those black plastic nursery flower pots. I practically had to wrap caution tape around these stacks to keep my husband from tossing them.

“I have plans for these”, I would tell him.  He would give me the look, stare at me for a beat, and then move on because he wasn’t going to win the discussion.

What I didn’t reveal is that I didn’t have an immediate stellar creative idea as I stared at these stacks. But once I got that creative brain burst (probably in the middle of the night and why I’ve now started using nightly eye cream), check out this very easy, very thrifty flowery front door decor idea…
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