DIY No Sew Cloth Basket Liners

INSIDE: How to make DIY no sew basket liners for everyday storage basket solutions.

DIY No Sew Basket Cloth Liner | DazzleWhileFrazzled.comI’m in the middle of a master closet re-organization. Of course, it involves purging clothing and shoes and making some “tough” calls on whether or not I’m actually going to use that purse I can’t remember when I last took it out. It’s hard to let go, isn’t it?!

But more important, I want my closet to be a place I want to step into when still in the fog of sleep.

My quest for “pretty” started with redoing cloth-lined baskets. Not having the time, or frankly the interest, to sew custom basket liners, I found an easy way to get this done. And NO sew!

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Make a No Sew Snack Pouch…From a Placemat

INSIDE: How to make a no sew snack pouch from a vinyl placemat. Great kids snack bag idea!

DIY No Sew Snack Pouch | DazzleWhileFrazzled.comSometimes the timing works out in the world of crafting. I signed up to participate in a crafting challenge called #30DayFlip at the same time my daughter lost her snack pouch on the playground for the umpteenth time. No more finding it in the school’s Lost and Found collection. It was officially a goner.

So when I learned that the February challenge was a No Sew Hack, I immediately knew what I was going to be making! See how I made a snack pouch without a sewing machine… Continue reading