How to Stencil a Fun Pattern on a Ceiling

INSIDE: How to stencil a fun pattern on a ceiling with Cutting Edge Stencils.

How to stencil a fun pattern on a ceiling with paint using Cutting Edge Stencils | Dazzle While Frazzled.comWhat wild home decor ideas do you get after flipping through a magazine? When you are sitting at your child’s sporting practice for an hour+, your mind may easily wonder to how great it would be do something fun and colorful to an otherwise boring ceiling.

This is how I found myself perched atop a ladder in the middle of my foyer, foam roller in one hand and painter’s tape in another, stencil a pattern onto the ceiling.

While I am not a self-described stenciling pro, I have successfully stenciled two long walls in our house before. However, a ceiling was something new! It was a little more neck-craning (thank gawd for Ibuprofen!) but the results are pretty awesome! Here are the before’s and after’s…
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Updating a Vintage Vanity Chair To Use For Child’s Desk

INSIDE: How to reupholster a vintage vanity stool. And use it as for kids bedroom decor.

How to Update a Vintage Vanity Stool and Use It For a Child's Deck |*This DIY home decor project is part of the Thrift Store Challenge. Check out the other creative ideas below!*

My daughter fell off her bike. Total accident on what was otherwise a relaxing, after dinner bike ride around the neighborhood. Many bandages later, we rallied the team together the next morning, filled their little bellies with some donuts and set off to a vintage market.

Because daddy was on duty during the accident prone bike excursion, he had a lot of guilt. So when he found a little vintage stool that was the perfect height for our daughter’s chair-less desk, he didn’t let his otherwise frugality get in the way of passing up this find.

This is how we brought this antique vanity stool into the modern day with spray paint and some vinyl fabric…
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How To Easily Makeover a Kid Step Stool with Paint

Update a kid step stool with paint | DazzleWhileFrazzled.comOh, the days of stepping over the kiddie stool at the sink in order to wash your hands. Part of the bargain of having pint-sized roommates, I suppose. So what do you do when the kids outgrow the cars and trucks design on said stool but still need it to brush their teeth? You give it a thrifty makeover.

Give the kids a few hardcover books to stand on (start with your husband’s old business books that are dust collectors) and take the truck laced kid step stool into the great outdoors to begin the mod transformation.
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How to Paint a Color Block Accent on a Door

INSIDE: How to easily and quickly paint a color block accent on a bland and boring door.

How to paint a color block accent to a doorDo you have a bland, boring door in your midst? I do. Mine leads to a little powder room off our combined mudroom-laundry room. A cream-colored door in a cream-colored room flanked by a white washing machine and dryer on one side and a white mudroom cubby system on the other. I don’t know about you but b-o-r-i-n-g.

So I grabbed a can of paint and a small dose of courage – not because I’m afraid of color but because I didn’t want to have to repaint the door should it not turn out – and set to adding a color block accent to this rather dull door.
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How To Make a Knock-Off CB2-Inspired Modern Flower Pot

INSIDE: How to create a modern outdoor planter. A Crate & Barrel planter knock-off project.

I have a multi-pocket file folder, that I’m pretty sure I’ve had since my college days, that I store ripped out pages from catalogs and magazines. Call it an ‘I Want My House To Look Like This’ book or a ‘Someday When I Have Lots Of Time, I Will Make’ book. Whatever its name, this beat-up file folder houses all sorts of torn-out inspiration, including a little gem of a unique modern planter from Crate & Barrel (CB2, to be exact).

There’s nothing like a good knock-off challenge! See how I created my own version of a CB2-inspired modern flower pot. (Scroll down to bottom of post for a comparison!)
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DIY Age Plastic Terra Cotta Flower Pots

INSIDE: How to age plastic terra cotta flower pots using paint, water and a sanding block.

How to age plastic flower pots | DazzleWhileFrazzled.comWe commandeered my father-in-law’s very old and very rusty metal wheelbarrow that he had brought over for a landscaping project last summer. The moment I saw this rusted thing emerge from his trunk, I knew I wanted it. Not for moving rocks or dirt but as part of my landscape decor!

Once he realized his old-time wheelbarrow had found itself a new home (and we ordered him a heavy duty plastic yard cart to sweeten the deal), I worked on filling it full of varied pots and plants. A shiny new flower pot would not fit the look I was after and I don’t have the patience to wait for “real” terra cotta to age. So instead I found an easy way to age plastic “faux” terra cotta flower pots instead…
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DIY Unique Festive Holiday Wreath from Puzzle Pieces

Make a festive holiday puzzle pieces wreath | DazzleWhileFrazzled.comMy sister is a “thrifter”. So much so that she’s started a reselling business from goods she finds during her weekly rotation of thrift stores.

When she found out I was on the hunt for inexpensive puzzles for a crafting project, she eagerly tagged along.

An hour later, she left with a box of randoms and me with two sets of puzzles. Check out how I turned this thrift store find into a festive holiday puzzle pieces wreath…

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