DIY Kids Backyard Sandbox with Redwood Fence Posts

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How do you start your weekends? If my husband had his way, we’d sleep in and lounge around. Wrong wife, wrong life! As soon as he’s had a few sips of coffee, I hit him with my standard, “What’s our plan for the weekend?” After a dozen years of marriage, he knows I’m referring to what Weekend Warrior-DIY projects we will check off the home To Do.

One of these many projects has been to build the kids a wooden sandbox to get them outside to play. And add a fabric canopy cover to keep the Arizona sun at bay.

There’s nothing quite like hauling home lumber to get the weekend started right! Here’s how to easily build a DIY kids sandbox using redwood fence posts. And our “plan” for easing those Weekend Warrior aches and pains with TYLENOL®.
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DIY Modern Table Lamps with Paint and Twine

INSIDE: How to refurbish thrift store mid-century modern table lamps with paint and twine.

My husband has a problem. He is “addicted” to a Mid-Century Modern For Sale group on Facebook. I can’t tell you how many times he has tagged me on an item he thinks we should consider purchasing.

Ten dollars later, this is how we wound up with two retro-inspired table lamps sitting in my foyer. And those lamps sat there for at least two weeks, as I walked by multiple times per day, trying to figure out what to do with them.

Apparently, my first attempt at updating them was a Big Time fail. Or as my husband called them “clown lamps”. Can’t win them all but here’s how we compromised with DIY Round Two…
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How To Make An Easy DIY Coffee Mug for Mother’s Day

INSIDE: How to make an easy DIY travel coffee mug for Mother’s Day.

My mother is pretty picky about gifts. Love her very much but she’s so hard to buy for! There’s a lot of brainstorming that goes on come those gift-giving times.

However, you give her anything handmade and you’re golden. Now with a trio of kids of my own, I can give them some paper and colored pencils and let them create away for (grand)mom.

So I was pretty relieved to find DIY travel coffee mugs that I could easily make handmade and special for this Mother’s Day. Using paints and some letter stickers from the kids craft stash, I think I made a gift for mom she’ll happily enjoy…
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DIY Cactus String Art Pillow

INSIDE: How to make an envelope pillow with a DIY cactus string art pillow craft.

DIY String Art Cactus Pillow | DazzleWhileFrazzled.comI’ve lived in the southwest for a dozen years now. And it’s taken me about 10 of those 12 to accept it! But when I saw and snapped up some cactus fabric recently, I knew that the desert life had become a part of me.

Since I live surrounded by all things cacti, why not add just one more to this southwest print? But I couldn’t just paste a simple cactus on top, could I? No! Learn how to create a trendy string art cactus… on a pillow. Grab your sewing needle instead of a hammer and let’s start stringing… Continue reading

DIY Candelabra Garden Planter In 3 Easy Steps

INSIDE: How to turn a thrift store candelabra into a standing plant stand in 3 easy steps.

When a local thrift store was closing its door, we stocked up on all sorts of random, not necessarily needed, stuff. Some of it still sitting in the garage including the subject of this post – a rusted candelabra. What to do with this large, freestanding thing, gathering dust and cobwebs in the garage?

When in doubt, take it out…side! So that’s how this thrift store find was transformed into garden decor in three easy steps.

Grab your potting supplies to see how I put together this truly frazzling-free garden project…
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How To Make an Astro Turf Outdoor Pillow

INSIDE: How to use astro turf to create a DIY astro turf outdoor pillow. Add faux flowers.

How to make an astro turf outdoor pillowAn astro turf pillow? Yep, you heard right. I got a wild idea to make some durable outdoor pillows to survive our intense Arizona sun. And what is more durable than some fake grass?! If burly football guys and fast-moving soccer players can play all day on it, then these decorative pillows should definitely be able  to withstand my three active kids who are seemingly unphased by our insane heat.

Check out how I “faked” my way to fun, summery outdoor decor using faux grass and simple tools!
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Make an Easy and Special Mother’s Day Tin Can Photo Vase

INSIDE: How to create a Mother’s Day tin can photo vase for a thrifty gift for mom or grandma.

Make your own Mother's Day Tin Can Photo VaseThere are many great things about having kids (of course, right?) but in my few years of being a parent, I’ve noticed that if you stick the kids photo on something, you have an immediate, easy gift for grandma that is well-loved.

So as Mother’s Day approaches, I find myself wondering what photo creation of my trio of kids can I wrap up, stick a bow on and gift this Mom’s Day.


See how I created a handmade – and thrfity – gift for Mom and Grandma this Mother’s Day…
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Colorful, Easy Plastic Easter Egg Garland In 3 Steps

INSIDE: How to use plastic Easter eggs to create an easy Easter egg garland in 3 steps.

Make a plastic Easter egg garlandI decided to bypass St. Patrick’s Day decorating (not that I have much in terms of green decor) and get right to the eggs and bunnies this year. I guess I gauge which holidays to decorate for based on how large the box of decorations is!

Once digging through this bulging Easter decor box, I discovered a basket-full of those cheapy plastic eggs. There had to be something crafty to do with them; otherwise, we’d be in for the longest Easter egg hunt ever with the kiddos!

So grab those colorful plastic eggs and make the season’s easiest Easter egg garland…
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Miniature Terra Cotta Flower Pot Wreath

INSIDE: How to make a miniature terra cotta flower pot front door wreath. Perfect as spring door decor.

Make a miniature terra cotta flower pot wreath. Perfect for spring door decor. | Dazzle While

Many moons ago, during our first home remodel, I practically lived on eBay, finding all sorts of treasures and heavily discounted items for our home.

One click here, one click there and I stumbled upon some miniature terracotta flower pots at an I-got-to-buy-it-now awesome price! Of course the item I just had to have sat for a long while on a shelf until I could think of a project to use them for. Typical, isn’t it, of the stuff we think we just need to have?!

Finally, with idea in mind, I came up with a pot perfect way to welcome in Spring.
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DIY 10-Minute Easter Peeps Centerpiece

INSIDE: How to make a DIY 10 minute Easter Peeps centerpiece using plastic Easter eggs and Peeps marshmallows.

So… I’ve never eaten a Peeps in my life! Incredible, I know. I’ve just never had the desire to try the sugar-coated marshmallow-shaped bunny or bird I see on the shelves every Easter-Spring season.

However that all changed the other day when I tossed a box of Peeps in my shopping cart. I totally caved – all in the name of crafting!

Let’s make the easiest Peeps centerpiece in 10 minutes…

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