DIY Reusable Chalkboard Sign for First and Last Days of School

INSIDE: How to make a reusable chalkboard sign for the first and last days of school.

Make a DIY reusable chalkboard for first day and last day of school | Dazzle While Frazzled.comHow do you mark the first day of a whole new school year? Or the last day of school before everyone is home…all day for the next two months?!

The morning I sent my little girl off to kindergarten, I cut up a waffle in the shape of a K. One year gone too quickly, I found myself shaping a waffle into a 1. Before I knew it, I was doing my best to form a 2 out of a frozen waffle. (Apparently, having a number shaped waffle has become our First Day of School tradition.)

The school bound child is then told to pose with a DIY reusable chalkboard sign. They balk but I convince them someday their children will want to see these photos. Eye roll. Sigh. Smile. Ten months later, I make them repeat this school milestone photo session on their Last Day of School.

Here’s how to make your own chalkboard school sign to make your own kids pose, smile…and balk at a motherly requests!
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DIY Back-to-School Teacher Survival Kit + Printable Gift Tags

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As a mom, we tend to pack with love. We lug around huge purses packed with on-the-go snacks, bandages, random small toys, and whatever stray crayons we pick off the floors of our often disastrous cars. We pack school lunches for the varied palettes of our picky children and even toss in the occasional lunch box note when we think of it. Moms are like the pack mules of love!

But what about our kids teachers? Here’s how to pack some love into the first day of school with a back-to-school survival kit of school supplies and an assortment of easy, on-the-go snacks like Lance Sandwich Crackers and Snyder’s of Hanover Pretzels to give our teachers the energy they need to educate our awesome kids on Day One and beyond…

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DIY Easy and Cheap Pencil Gift for Teacher Gift

INSIDE: DIY easy and cheap pencil pack gift for teacher gift. Free “Write Stuff” printable label.

DIY Easy and Cheap Pencil Pack Gift for Teacher Appreciation with Free "Write Stuff" Printable | Dazzle While Frazzled.comEven though my kids are just at the start of their school years, and they have more years to go than I have fingers, I LOVE making teacher gifts.

So whether it’s Teacher Appreciation Week or the last day of school, I love making something crafty using the iconic school red apple or sharp yellow pencil.

If you have 5 minutes, you can make this easy (and cheap) “Write Stuff” pencil pack teacher gift with a FREE printable…
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Fill In The Blank “My Teacher Is Super” Printable

INSIDE: A free downloadable Fill In The Blank “My Teacher Is Super” teacher appreciation printable.

Fill in the blank "My Teacher Is Super" free printable for teacher appreciation gift | Dazzle While Frazzled.comI am not a teacher. I can barely manage my three kids let alone a room of 20-something constantly moving, hand raising, story sharing children. But I have GREAT appreciation for these unbelievably patient men and women who welcome and embrace my kids five days a week.

So whenever our school has their annual Teacher Appreciation Week, I find it the perfect time to let them know how much they are valued and respected…and their patience level admired.

Here’s a super easy fill-in-the-blank  “My Teacher Is Super” printable. Let your kids imagination go wild as they describe the super superhero their teacher is!
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Easy School Teacher Gift and Thank You Note Idea

INSIDE: DIY easy school teacher appreciation gift with thank you note idea for students.

DIY School Teacher Appreciation Coffee Mug Gift and Thank You Note Idea | Dazzle While Frazzled.comSo, I’m big on thank you notes. Does that make me old school? My mom would make us write thank you notes before we could play with the gift. Painful as a kid but the habit has stuck.

Fast forward a handful of years later and I find myself arm twisting my own daughter to write a sweet and short note to her 2nd grade teacher as we quickly wrap up the school year.

An appreciative note is a “latte” better in a DIY school teacher coffee mug, don’t you think?
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Make Easy Picture Frames From Old School Papers

INSIDE: How to use old school papers to make DIY photo frames for lifelong memories.

Turn old report cards into photo framesMy mother-in-law has been stopping by recently and dropping off some of my husband’s 40-year-old things. We’ve inherited old yearbooks, the leather folder his college degree came in, a collection of old toys and a rather large manila folder of his elementary school report cards. Oldies but goodies?!

Some of the items have been easier to slip into the recycle bin than others! But I did hold onto his old report cards. I had an idea on how to re-purpose them into a craft for our children and keep these old school memories…

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Quick and Easy Teacher Gifts Using Tin Cans

INSIDE: Easy teacher gift baskets using tin cans for school year teacher gifts.

Back to School Teacher Gifts using Tin CansRaise your hand if you’re ready to send those kids that you love, love, love so much back to school?! Summer has been fun and busy and memory-filled but it’s time. Time to hand them lovingly over to those amazing teachers for seven hours a day!

And this is why I want to gift these great teachers with a small token of appreciation (like this teacher frame using dollar store supplies) as we kick-off a new school year.

Learn how I used a variety of tin cans to create a trio of quick and easy teacher gifts as we [read: mommy] excitedly waits for the First Day of School!
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Teachers Rule: DIY Teacher Appreciation Gift

INSIDE: How to create a DIY teacher appreciation gift using inexpensive photo frames and rulers.

DIY Teacher Appreciation GiftTeachers rule! As a [frazzled] mom to three, I’m not sure how our teachers can calmly and patiently manage a class of 20-something when I’m often run ragged by my trio. So whenever I can show my daughter’s teachers how much they are greatly appreciated, I’m all over it.

As the school year comes to a rapid close, I want to gift these special teachers with a small but creative token of their daily hard work…and to keep them in our good graces for my two active boys who’ll be entering their classrooms shortly! Yikes.

So, I created an end of year Teacher Appreciation Gift that shows them how much they “rule”!
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DIY $5 Valentine’s Day Gift for Teachers

Make a teacher Valentine's Day gift for only $5Valentine’s Day is great, don’t you think? It’s refreshing to focus on a holiday that’s a little more simple and truly all about L-O-V-E. And all the chocolate goodies don’t hurt its cause!

We love our teachers and they do an amazing job for our kiddos (hello, patience I only wish I had!). So for this Valentine’s Day, I am creating a super affordable $5 Valentine’s Day gift for teachers. Since our school has a no-food-from-home policy, I opted for a Valentine’s Survival Kit theme instead of sweet treats. More chocolate-y goodies for me, I guess!

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