10 Cute DIY Valentine’s Day Crafts and Ideas

INSIDE: A collection of Valentine’s Day Crafts and Ideas

10 cute and lovely DIY Valentine's Day crafts and ideas | DazzleWhileFrazzled.comDo you enjoy decorating and crafting for all the various holidays like I do? Clearly, by the many boxes packed away in the garage, I enjoy myself a holiday!

So with Valentine’s Day around the corner, I’ve gathered an assortment of fun, cute and easy-to-do heart-shaped and love-filled crafts and projects for you to accomplish before Cupid strikes.

Here are 10 DIY Valentine’s Day crafts and ideas…
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DIY Succulent Valentine’s Day Wreath from Chocolate Box

INSIDE: How to use a chocolate box to create a DIY succulent Valentine’s Day wreath

DIY Succulent Valentine's Day Wreath | DazzleWhileFrazzled.comDon’t ask me why I’ve held onto a satin Valentine’s Day chocolate box. But, stored away in my holiday decorations box, has been this heart-shaped box for the past couple of years. Finally, I’ve thought of something crafty to do with it this Valentine’s Day.

Gathering a few supplies, I quickly — like within 10 minutes — put together a unique DIY succulent Valentine’s Day wreath. Grab your hot glue gun, a sampling of chocolates and here’s how I did it…
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Host a Valentine’s Day Card Making Party for Kids

INSIDE: How to host a Valentine’s Day card making party for kids at home.

DIY Valentine's Day Card Making Party | DazzleWhileFrazzled.comTo me, Valentine’s Day is very much like Thanksgiving. It’s a simple holiday that has one main focus. For Valentine’s Day that focus is love …and friendship and kindness and, least but not ever last, chocolate! Teach the kids the gift of friendship with a DIY Valentine’s Day card making party at home.

Set out the Valentine’s Day card making basics: stickers, crayons and blank cards and let their Valentine’s creativity shine!

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DIY Fabric Heart Decorations Using Remnants

DIY Fabric Heart Decorations | DazzleWhileFrazzled.comI have three young kids. Enough said, right?! When I don’t have to put them in car seats, take them out the same car seats 15 minutes later, give my “We’re in a parking lot, stop fooling around” lecture and then yoga breathe as I zip around the store…just to buy craft supplies. Yeah…

So when I teamed up with a group of friends to come up with a crafty creation using supplies we already had at home (read: no trips to the store), you can guess that I jumped at that challenge!

Come see what #CraftyDestash I came up with by riffling through my overflowing fabric box…
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DIY Valentine’s Day Card Box Holder from Six Pack Carrier

Turn a Six Pack Carrier into a DIY Valentine's Day Card Box Holder | DazzleWhileFrazzled.comThe printing. The affixing of a goodie. The double checking of the class list. Does working on Valentine’s Day cards with the kids want to make you reach into a six pack?!

What we do in the name of friendship and kindness on Valentine’s Day for our kids and their classmates.

Transport that stack of Valentine’s cards to school in cute butterfly style with a cardboard six pack carrier turned Valentine’s Day card box holder.
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DIY Valentine’s Day ‘Happy Love Day’ Banner

DIY Valentine's Day Happy Love Day Banner | DazzleWhileFrazzled.comOf all the holidays I decorate for, poor Valentine’s Day doesn’t get as much “love” as the other biggies. I have one little box of assorted red and pink heart-shaped decorations. Much of it picked up for 75% off the day after the Happy Love Day.

One of the easiest ways to add a touch of holiday festive is with a banner. (And wreaths. Boy, I love to make wreaths!) Today I’m sharing with you an easy DIY Valentine’s Day banner to celebrate this Happy Love Day…

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DIY Minted-Inspired Heart Photo Collage

DIY Heart Photo Collage | DazzleWhileFrazzled.comI was flipping through a magazine at my sons swim lessons and actually stopped to look at an advertisement. That, like, rarely happens! What made me stop my page flip? A stunning Heart Snapshot Mix with Foil-Press from stationary company, Minted.

It’s really a pretty piece of art. But the price is not. Let’s just say it is way out of my stay-at-home mom “salary”, starting at $57 unframed to $116 framed. Yikes! Needless to say, I ripped out the ad and figured out how I could make my own heart photo print…

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DIY $5 Valentine’s Day Gift for Teachers

Make a teacher Valentine's Day gift for only $5Valentine’s Day is great, don’t you think? It’s refreshing to focus on a holiday that’s a little more simple and truly all about L-O-V-E. And all the chocolate goodies don’t hurt its cause!

We love our teachers and they do an amazing job for our kiddos (hello, patience I only wish I had!). So for this Valentine’s Day, I am creating a super affordable $5 Valentine’s Day gift for teachers. Since our school has a no-food-from-home policy, I opted for a Valentine’s Survival Kit theme instead of sweet treats. More chocolate-y goodies for me, I guess!

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$5 DIY Valentine’s Day Mesh Heart Door Wreaths

DIY Valentine's Day Mesh Heart Door WreathsI have a thing for making wreaths. Can’t help myself! I have shared several on this site, be it for a holiday or just to dress up an otherwise plain front door.

Today, I’m sharing ¬†with you how to create THREE Valentine’s Day mesh heart door wreaths from the same materials — just put together in different ways. And I made these three wreaths for around $5! They make for a fun trio of hanging hearts to display on a gate, a front door or even as part of a gallery wall.

So riffle through your closet for wire hangers and let me show you how I made them…

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