Make Easy and Quick Beach Door Decor in 10 Minutes

Raise your hand if you’re ready for some beach time.
As a “zonie” (aka: Arizonan), one can only take so much of the dry, desert heat before you literally crack and need some moisture.

So while I wait a couple more weeks until our annual pilgrimage to the California coast, I decided to bring the beach to my front door with the easiest and the quickest beach door decor.

Grab your sand pail and see how I did it…

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easy 10 minute beach door decor

Plastic beach bucket
– Plastic sand toys
Styrofoam blocks
– Pipe cleaner
– Ribbon
Sand paper + marker

Beach Bucket Step 1:
-Fill the beach bucket with pieces of styrofoam blocks about halfway up.

Sand Toys Step 2:
Insert a piece of pipe cleaner through the hole in the bottom of the sand toys. (Or, simple twist around the bottom of the sand toy should it not have a hole.) Cut off any excess pipe cleaner. Insert the pipe cleaner toys into the styrofoam inside the bucket.
Make easy and quick beach door decor in 10 minutesMake easy and quick beach door decor in 10 minutes
Gone Beaching Step 3:
Wrap the bucket with colorful ribbon. Cut a tag shape from a piece of sand paper and write (or paint) the words “Gone Beaching” or any fun beach-y phrase.
Make easy and quick beach door decor in 10 minutes
To Hang:
Two options…
1. Hang by the handle of the beach bucket with a ribbon; OR
2. Using a letter opener or sharp end of a pair of scissors, poke a small hole in upper side of bucket. Thread ribbon through and hang.
Make easy and quick beach bucket door decor in 10 minutes

What’s on your summer beach bucket list?

Join me every Friday for another stress-free Frazzled-Free Fridays project!

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16 thoughts on “Make Easy and Quick Beach Door Decor in 10 Minutes

  1. Christine says:

    That is so cute! Now you have me inspired to do one on my back door, which is totally exposed to sun 12 hours a day so I understand what you mean by dry cracking heat! Thanks so much for joining us at the Dishing It & Digging It Link Party. I hope it brings you some great traffic and new friends.

  2. Teresa says:

    So cute! Not sure it would last 10 minutes on my door, though, the kids would just take it apart to play…But it’s still a great idea, thank you for sharing at The Really Crafty Link Party. Pinned!

  3. Beverly says:

    How cute! I love that it was such a quick project to put together and it turned out great. Thanks for sharing at Snickerdoodle Sunday. Pinning.

  4. Theresa @DearCreatives says:

    What a fun idea. & who doesn’t love the beach. I have to admit we are a bit in love with our beaches out here in California. I’m about 40 min. inland & can’t get there enough. Hope you have a great trip when you come out. Thanks for sharing at the Inspiration Spotlight party. Shared.

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