DIY Couples Gallery Wall for the Master Bedroom

INSIDE: DIY gallery wall of couples photos to celebrate special moments in a couple’s life. DIY photo wall for master bedroom.

I was provided a personal photo wood print by Nations Photo Lab. All opinions are mine.

DIY layout a photo and art gallery wall in your home | DazzleWhileFrazzled.comOnce kids arrive on the scene, your home seems to become the kids territory as they take over more and more of your formerly adult spaces. However, the one room that is kinda-sorta still kids-free is the master bedroom.

Regardless of the monkeys that climb in and jump on our bed every.single.morning, the master should be an homage to the couple that kicked off the crazy jungle we now find ourselves living in!

Here’s an easy way to create a gallery wall of couples photos, including a special wood print photo by Nations Photo Lab.
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$20 Thrift Store Coffee Table Makeover

INSIDE: DIY thrift store mid-century modern coffee table makeover for $20. How to easily update an old coffee table.

Cover a thrift store coffee table with a flat weave rug for custom coffee table bench | DazzleWhileFrazzled.comMy husband and I have recently gotten onto a big mid-century modern kick. It’s like we are on this mission to find these retro gems and introduce them to our 21st century kids! Case in point: this $20 thrift store laminated coffee table. Totally screamin’ old school…which we can’t help but love!

Armed with some paint and a flat weave rug (say what?), this thrift store coffee table went from 1970s to functionally practical for a busy young (aka: crazy) family.

Grab your paint brush and staple gun for this easy coffee table makeover…
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Upcycled Dresser Mirror Large Wall Art

INSIDE:  How to turn an old dresser mirror frame into a frame for large wall art decor. How to upcycle an old dresser.

Years ago, we were given a gorgeous dresser from my husband’s sweet, late grandparents. This dresser came with a carved, detachable mirror. With no space to use the dresser mirror and frame, my husband wrapped these pieces in mover’s plastic wrap and hung them on the garage wall. Just like you’d hang a bike. Nice.

After years of seeing this old dresser frame hanging from a bike hook, we finally had a good excuse to take it down from the garage wall. I think grandma and grandpa would’ve been happy about this!

See how we re-purposed this old dresser frame into a piece of large format wall art…
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DIY Chalkboard Plate Charger Flower Wreath

INSIDE: DIY chalkboard plate charger door wreath with fabric flowers made from fabric scraps.

Use chalkboard paint to make a writable plate charger wreath | DazzleWhileFrazzled.comThere’s nothing I like more than taking Item A and transforming it into Item B. That’s how I felt about a metal plate charger, inherited from a relative’s house sale, that spent much of its new life sitting in our garage gathering dust.

As often happens for us, once we can no longer squeeze two cars into the garage, we find ourselves doing a weekend purge. And that is how this dusty plate charger was discovered!

With a can of chalkboard paint and a pile of fabric scraps, here’s how I turned a formerly silver plate charger into a writable front door wreath…

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DIY Denim Nautical Ocean Wreath

INSIDE: How to make a nautical themed front door wreath using old denim jeans and ocean-themed wooden cutouts.

DIY Denim Nautical Ocean Door Wreath. How to use old jeans | DazzleWhileFrazzled.comWhy have I been saving the bottom half of some jeans I cut up to make denim shorts? These leg-less jeans have been hanging out in my sewing basket for the past couple of months. It was time to give them a purpose, or make them meet the garbage can.

I took these jean halves and combined them with one of my most favorite things – ocean decor – for an easy DIY denim, nautical-inspired front door wreath.

So if you find yourself making some summertime jean shorts, this is how you can get crafty with those now useless jean bottoms…
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How To Make An Easy Photo Frame from a Hardcover Book

INSIDE: How to turn a hardcover coffee table book into an easy photo frame.

How to turn a hardcover coffee table photo book into a wall photo frame | DazzleWhileFrazzled.comMy house is in Round Two. No, I’m not talking about some neighborhood ‘dukes up’ action; I’m talking decor. The first go around involved painting walls and simply dropping furniture into a room. Now a couple years later, I’m revisiting each room and making it feel more like “us”.

It is in this second pass through each room that I came across a beach-y hardcover book tucked in tightly on a shelf. This coffee table book would be the perfect addition to the beach themed gallery wall I was putting together in our family room.

So grab a hardcover book and an exacto knife in order to turn any book into a neat wall frame. Like this…
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DIY Summertime Fiesta Wreath from Paper Napkins

INSIDE: How to make an easy summertime fiesta wreath made totally from paper napkins and hot glue gun.

If you walked into my pantry right now and looked up to the very top shelf, you’d see two beverage containers stuffed to the ceiling with party crap stuff. Paper plates, plastic cups, streamers…and more paper party napkins than I’ll probably ever use in my lifetime!

If I had a nickel for every cocktail and dinner napkin I own, I’d be able to buy myself something pretty. But I really don’t want to be rich in paper goods!

So when the top shelf of the pantry starts to look like it could quickly become a hazard, you pull out the glue gun and make a wreath. Like this…
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DIY Modern Table Lamps with Paint and Twine

INSIDE: How to refurbish thrift store mid-century modern table lamps with paint and twine.

My husband has a problem. He is “addicted” to a Mid-Century Modern For Sale group on Facebook. I can’t tell you how many times he has tagged me on an item he thinks we should consider purchasing.

Ten dollars later, this is how we wound up with two retro-inspired table lamps sitting in my foyer. And those lamps sat there for at least two weeks, as I walked by multiple times per day, trying to figure out what to do with them.

Apparently, my first attempt at updating them was a Big Time fail. Or as my husband called them “clown lamps”. Can’t win them all but here’s how we compromised with DIY Round Two…
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How to Stencil a Fun Pattern on a Ceiling

INSIDE: How to stencil a fun pattern on a ceiling with Cutting Edge Stencils.

How to stencil a fun pattern on a ceiling with paint using Cutting Edge Stencils | Dazzle While Frazzled.comWhat wild home decor ideas do you get after flipping through a magazine? When you are sitting at your child’s sporting practice for an hour+, your mind may easily wonder to how great it would be do something fun and colorful to an otherwise boring ceiling.

This is how I found myself perched atop a ladder in the middle of my foyer, foam roller in one hand and painter’s tape in another, stencil a pattern onto the ceiling.

While I am not a self-described stenciling pro, I have successfully stenciled two long walls in our house before. However, a ceiling was something new! It was a little more neck-craning (thank gawd for Ibuprofen!) but the results are pretty awesome! Here are the before’s and after’s…
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Stay Frazzled-Free With Efficient Kitchen Appliances and Practical Tips

INSIDE: How to set up an efficient and organized kitchen with kitchen appliances by AJ Madison.

How do you stay “frazzled-free” in the kitchen? With three constantly snacking kids, an equally always hungry dog and a still growing husband, I spend a lot of time standing in my kitchen. Whether it’s chopping up veggies, cleaning up from the mid-day snacking or prepping dinner before we leave for baseball practice or swim team, I’m in my kitchen a lot!

In order to help me remain sane in the midst of what often feels like kitchen mayhem, I depend on my handy and efficient kitchen appliances to get me through the day. If I didn’t have a great dishwasher or a reliable refrigerator, my daily life would be more frazzled than it already is!

How to stay frazzled-free in the kitchen with reliable and efficient kitchen appliances and kitchen organization tips | DazzleWhileFrazzled.comPhoto courtesy of AJ Madison

This is a sponsored post with BraVoMark. All opinions are mine.

manage kitchen chaos with efficient kitchen appliances

One of the hardest working appliances for our busy family is the dishwasher. I’m not sure I’d be the “happy homemaker” I am without one! One of my favorite features of today’s dishwasher is the sound reducing features. My house is loud enough without a dishwasher running in the background! On my list for our kitchen when it’s time for an upgrade is a Bosch Dishwasher.

How to stay frazzled-free in the kitchen with reliable and efficient kitchen appliances and kitchen organization tips | DazzleWhileFrazzled.comPhoto courtesy of AJ Madison

Are you like me, constantly repeating “Close the fridge door!”, to a parade of always hungry kids?! Story of my frazzled life. In the few minutes the door is closed, it makes me happy to have a pretty and sleek refrigerator as part of my kitchen decor. And a large freezer doesn’t hurt either!
How to stay frazzled-free in the kitchen with reliable and efficient kitchen appliances and kitchen organization tips | DazzleWhileFrazzled.comPhoto courtesy of AJ Madison

where to shop for efficient kitchen appliances?

Why run all over town visiting every big box appliance store? Been there, done that with kids in tow. Not fun! You can actually enjoy the process of shopping for a new dishwasher or refrigerator – while sitting on the couch in your comfiest clothing – online by visiting AJ Madison. A little appliance shopping and a bowl of ice cream makes for a successful day!

how to stay efficient and organized in the kitchen

I am far from a fabulous chef but I can read a recipe like a pro! Here are some of my favorite tips for remaining sane, efficient and organized in the kitchen:

  • Have a “triangle”. If your kitchen is not set up with the stove, refrigerator and sink forming the shape of a triangle, keep your pots and pans, cooking utensils and cutting boards within easy reach in the triangle zone.
  • Keep the spices and cooking oils within an arm’s reach. No more running back and forth to the pantry.
  • Can you eliminate multiple small appliances by having one do double (or triple) duty?
  • Short on pantry space? Use pretty containers that not only hold flour, sugar, rice and other staples but also act as attractive counter top decor.
  • And my favorite, clean as you go!

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