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Whether you are a beginning DIY-er, are just trying to avoid a Pinterest fail or you can master any DIY project because your skills are so super advanced and skilled, all DIY Dazzlers need a stocked toolkit of crafting and DIY supplies. Here are some of my favorite tools and resources…

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My Favorite Fabric DIY and Craft tools

You don’t need to be an advanced sewer to tackle these DIY fabric craft projects. I’m certainly not! Here is what I use and some of project ideas.

My favorite tools include:

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I love to sew, and unless you’re an avid, expert  seamstress, a basic sewing machine like this Singer  can do the job!



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Love to sew? All Purpose Thread is a medium-  weight thread perfect for all of your sewing needs. It  can be used on all fibers, knits and wovens. A good  thread is useful for easy-to-sew projects like these  fabric scraps pumpkins.




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I love buying fat quarters for fabric projects, as I did  for the creation of this autumn pumpkin pillow.  There is a lot less waste when using fat quarters.

DIY Fabric Craft Projects:


Having a good adhesive is essential to having your DIY craft project – literally – stay together! Here is what I use and some project ideas.

My favorite tools include:

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My Fave All-Purpose Glue. I used this tacky glue to  create this  holiday wreath from individual puzzle  pieces. It dries clear and  fast, and it’s easy to clean  up with water.



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This is a great all-in-one glue sealer and finisher. It cleans up  easily and is safe for kids to use. I used it on this holiday  snowflake wreath to hold these delicate puzzle piece  snowflakes together.



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Another super awesome glue! A little goes a long  way with this glue and has been used to secure wall  hook hangers onto quirky pieces of art like I used in  this unconventional baking pan wall art project.




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This is a ‘super’ strong, heavy-duty spray adhesive. It  is great  for adhering fabric to foam as I used for a  barstool recover   project.

Glue and Adhesive DIY Craft Projects:


I can spray paint like a pro! Here are paints I like best and some project ideas.

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Do you want to paint plastic? Give the item a spray  with self etching primer first in order to get the paint  to adhere. This primer was used to age these plastic  terra cotta flower pots.




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This is my all-time favorite craft paint. It’s designed  for painting outdoor surfaces, like concrete, terra  cotta flower pots. It’s weather-proof and fade-  resistant. Items I’ve painted years ago are still bright  and colorful like this flower pot front door decor.


Paint DIY Craft Projects:

Learn to DIY and Craft with online classes

Did you know you can learn new skills from the comfort of your home…in your jammies? Here are some great online DIY and craft classes.

Learn to craft and DIY with online classes |

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