DIY: How to Make Rolled Fabric Flowers From Fabric Remnants

DIY Rolled Fabric Flowers | DazzleWhileFrazzled.comI’m a sucker for several things. I’ll take anything with polka dots. I am not beyond wearing something with a bow. And I love to add fabric flowers to dress something up. I wonder what that says about me?!

Case in point, an upcycled DIY sweater winter wreath I created. Sure it looked fine on its own. But it may look even better with, you guessed it, a handful of fabric flowers!

Today I’m sharing with you how to create simple DIY rolled fabric flowers using fabric remnants. Let’s learn…
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diy rolled fabric flowers

This is the second rolled fabric flowers I’ve created in so many months. To me, they are probably the easiest accent to add to an otherwise plain item. That and polka dots and bows.

– Fabric remnants (For this project, I re-purposed an old scarf.)
– Fabric scissors
– Hot glue gun (A necessity for your craft and DIY-ing.)

how to easily diy rolled fabric flowers

Step #1: Cut 2-3″ wide strips the length of your fabric. Longer strips make larger rolled fabric flowers and rosettes.

Step #2: Fold the fabric strip in half.

Step #3: Begin to twist the fabric strip and roll into a tight coil.

Step #4: Periodically, secure with a drop of hot glue. Continue to twist the fabric and coil it until you reach the size you want. If making a collection of rolled flowers and rosettes, create a variety of sizes.

Step #5: Add the floral fabrics to front door wreaths with hot glue, a straight pin (as I did to secure to the DIY Sweater Winter Wreath or sew on.

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