How To Turn Ugly Christmas Sweater Into A Skirt

INSIDE: How to turn an ugly Christmas sweater into a skirt. Easy sew ugly sweater holiday skirt.

Make Christmas holiday dress using ugly Christmas sweater to turn it into a cozy and warm ugly sweater skirtThe idea of proudly sporting an ugly Christmas sweater to a holiday party makes me want to pull on my boots and run for the…North Pole. Yet one party invitation later, where was I? Searching the racks of a second hand clothing store for festively ugly sweaters.

But go figure this shy-away-from-attention girl couldn’t show up to a party wearing a sweater like everyone else. Nope! Here’s how I turned that ugly Christmas sweater into an ugly Christmas skirt. And a comfy one at that!
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turn an Ugly Christmas Sweater Into A Skirt

I don’t know what this says about me but this ugly Christmas sweater turned skirt is warm and comfy and I would proudly wear this out and about. So much for being a wall flower!

Christmas sweater (I used one that had a uniform design all over)
1″ braided elastic
– Sewing machine
– Sewing scissors, straight pins + (1) safety pin
– Measuring tape

diy ugly christmas sweater skirt

I picked up a real pretty cowl neck Christmas sweater. (Why does it remind me of my mother growing up in the 80s?!)

Lay it down on a flat surface and determine the length you want your skirt to be. Cut, leaving 1-2″ for the waistband.

Turn the sweater inside out. Using the width of the elastic as your guide, pin down the waist band. Sew in place. REMEMBER to leave an opening to insert the elastic!! I like to leave the opening on the side where the seam won’t be seen.
How to sew a skirt from a sweater for ugly Christmas party
Thread the elastic through the opening you left in the waistband, using a safety pin as your guide. Cut the elastic where it overlaps and pin together. Sew the opening shut and sew the elastic ends together using a zig zag stitch.
Turn ugly Christmas sweater into holiday party ugly Christmas sweater skirt with easy sew Christmas project

ugly christmas sweater party outfit

Be ready when that Ugly Christmas Sweater invite arrives in the mail with this easy sew thrift store clothing hack.

Make Christmas holiday dress using ugly Christmas sweater to turn it into a cozy and warm ugly sweater skirt

Transform an [ugly] thrift store Christmas sweater into cozy ugly Christmas sweater skirt, perfect for your next holiday party!

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21 thoughts on “How To Turn Ugly Christmas Sweater Into A Skirt

  1. Christine says:

    I love it, I am never going to be able to pass by a sweater at the store again without knowing I can do this. I would not have thought of it. Thanks so much for sharing it!

    • DazzleWhileFrazzled says:

      Thanks Christine! The (ugly) sweater skirt is very comfy and warm. Kinda wish I could wear it all holiday season.

  2. Leslie says:

    This is such a great alternative. I know that ugly Christmas sweater parties are a thing, but I just can’t get into them. I’ll leave the crazy patterns for the kids. Thanks so much for sharing at the #happynowlinkup!

  3. Tania says:

    O.M.G., this is SUCH a genius idea! Most sweaters make me look gross anyway, let along an already ugly one! I totally LOVE this idea, I would wear it even if I weren’t going to a party! I’m totally on the hunt for an ugly x-mas sweater now!!


  4. April J Harris says:

    What a fabulous idea, and what a pretty skirt! Thank you so much for bringing this post to the Hearth and Soul Link Party. Sharing on the Hearth and Soul Link Party FB page. Hope you are having a lovely week!

  5. Fabiola Rodriguez says:

    Wow, so easy! I ‘m going to start shopping for second-hand Christmas sweaters too! 🙂 lol
    Although I think you could make this with any old sweater, right? I’ll be pinning this. Greeting from the Inspire Me Monday linky!

  6. Lina says:

    Your sweater skirt turned out cute! 🙂 Thanks for sharing at Sew It Cook It Craft It! I did this once with a wool sweater (no Christmas sweater) from my mom and it was a really comfy skirt.

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