12 Days of Christmas: Dollar Store Lace Paper Doily Vases

INSIDE: Decorate clear jars with dollar store lace paper doilies for easy flower vase decorating.

Use dollar store paper doilies for easy holiday flower vasesI think my mom’s philosophy of “You never know when you’ll need [insert random item here]” has contributed to my having a very large box of all sizes of mason jars, retro milk glasses and all sorts of clear containers. Why I have all this I don’t know but nevertheless, there is a moving-sized box in my pantry of glassware.

Since learning how to can my own jam is barely scratching the To Do list, these randomly collected glasses have proven to make great flower vases.

And with lace paper doilies from the dollar store, the only expense are the floral beauties you treat yourself to. Here’s how to make 5-minute paper doily flower vases…
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Dollar Store Lace Paper Doily Vases

In less than 5 minutes, you can set a pretty tablescape or fill a shelf with clear glasses wrapped with $1 lace paper doilies and a pretty ribbon.

– Clear glasses or vases, like mason jars or milk jug glasses
– Paper lace doilies (these are ideal for Christmas)
– Ribbon
– Scissors, pencil + clear tape

easy dollar store diy paper lace doily flower vases

Lay the paper doily on a flat surface and the glass jar on top. Use a pencil to mark where you will cut the doily, especially if the glasses are small like mason jars.
Use paper lace doilies to cover plain glass jars to use as flower vases for a pretty table setting.

You should have half (ish) of a paper doily. Wrap the doily around the jar and secure with small clear tape. For larger glasses, like a mason jar, you will need to paper doily halves to fully cover it.
Cover clear jars and vases with paper doilies for pretty flower vases.
If desired, wrap a pretty ribbon around the jar.
Wrap a ribbon around paper doilies to cover clear glass jars and vases to make a pretty way to display flowers.
Fill with flowers to decorate a shelf or use within a table setting for cut flowers or candles. (Use Stick-Um Candle Adhesive to get the candle to stand upright.)

If anything, it gets these dusty jars out of a moving box!
Set a pretty floral display with mason jar wrapped in paper lace doily for inexpensive home decor from dollar store.Decorate shelves with clear jars and vases wrapped in paper lace doilies for flower arrangements and candles.

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