Frazzled Free Fridays: A Birthday Plant Stake

Stress-Free Ideas to Jump Start Your WeekendWelcome to my FIRST Frazzled Free Fridays – a series designed to showcase a simple, stress-free project to show the world how you dazzle! This will be a combination of my ‘dazzling’ project ideas or I will showcase other great ideas out there in the blogosphere! If you have a frazzle-free project idea you’d like me to feature, please send me a note.

I’m kicking off this series by creating a Happy Birthday Plant Stake since birthday #X is quickly creeping up in a few days time. Let’s just say I’ll be one year closer to 40, yikes! So let’s get the birthday partying started a few days early. Happy, Happy B-day to me!

A birthday plant stake

I have a little fern that sits in a vase in the middle of my kitchen island, which is the Central Hub, the Command Center, the Gathering Spot for our family. So it’s prime real estate for some dressing up and decorating. Plus, who doesn’t like a gussied up kitchen plant?!
Do You Know Where Your Craft Supplies Are Today?
Gather your supplies: colorful scrapbook paper, floral wire and a craft glue stick. Download and print out my handy Happy Birthday Plant Stake template. Grab a pencil, some scissors and some tape, and you are good to go. (If you have a Cricut or Silhouette machine, use those tools. Call me Old School, since I don’t have any such fancy vinyl cutters! Someday. Maybe.)
Create your own Happy Birthday Plant Stake DIY
Get Your Floral Wire On
Cut strips of floral wire. I cut seven, 12″ pieces. Gather the pieces and twist them together at the base. Using your super handy template(!), cut seven balloons (two of each – 14 total) and cut nine banner flags (two of each – 18 total).

Tape the floral wire to the backside of your balloon. Once taped down, then apply glue to the other side of the balloon and secure. The floral wire should be nicely sandwiched between the two pieces of scrapbook paper.
A friendly tip: Cut a decent sized piece of floral wire. Lay it horizontally and apply your banner flag to this piece of wire in the manner described above.
Create your own Happy Birthday Plant Stake DIY
Teeny Weeny Letters
Cut the letters out. Now, if you have that fancy shmancy vinyl machine, this would make the job so much easier but I am without such tools. Do your best to cut out these small letters without losing your mind and glue them to the front of each banner flag.

To secure the Happy Bday banner wire to the group of balloons, twist each individual balloon wire around the Happy Bday banner wire. Using a pencil, add some curly cues  to the two ends of each Happy Bday banner wire.
Create a Happy Birthday Plant Stake DIY
Stick it in a plant for some instant Happy Birthday good vibes!
Create a Happy Birthday Plant Stake DIY

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