Pregnant? How to Make a Fun Ghost Family Halloween Announcement

INSIDE: How to make a fun ghost family Halloween pregnancy announcement using paper bags.

Make a Halloween Pregnancy Announcement with Paper Bag Ghosts |

Let’s get some important info. out there first: I am not pregnant. There is no little pumpkin #4 baking in the oven. As much as I love my three little BOO’s, I am tired.

I spend more time than I’d care to know handing out snacks and filling cups; have grudgingly accepted that I now drive a mini van complete with carpool duties. And a recent visit to the beauty salon revealed my first “platinum blonde” (read: one lone silvery strand sitting comfy on top of my head). So we’re all good on the kid-front here.

But a couple years back, I was not quite so ready to list all the baby gear on Craigslist. “I need one more pumpkin to add to our patch”, I told my husband. And this is how I found myself one October desperately thinking of some creative way to tell the families that, in a few short months, another little goblin would be joining the BOO Crew.

This is how I crafted our way to the pregnancy announcement…

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ghost halloween pregnancy announcement

My mother wanted to have my in-laws over for dinner. Before I could say “franken-tastic”, the in-laws scarily extended into great grandma and her equally elder boyfriend, an aunt and uncle, and some random neighbors. Guess mom wanted to have one big brouhaha  and check that box for the year.

With Halloween mere days away, we were going to get the “scare” out of the way in one spooktacular swoop.

– Halloween treat bags, or plain white lunch bags (large size)
– Scissors + craft glue
– Construction or scrapbook paper (here’s an assorted pack you can use for many projects)
Baby pacifier
Make a Halloween Pregnancy Announcement with Paper Bag Ghosts |

diy halloween pregnancy announcement for family and friends

  1. If using Halloween treat bags, turn them inside out so the white is showing. It’s okay if the bags get crumpled in the making of this project. Gives them more of an eery effect!

2. Trim the bottom of the bags in order to get various size representations for the members of your family. For example, the bag representing my daughter is taller than the bag representing my son. Don’t forget to make a baby – the smallest bag of them all!

3. Decorate each individual ghost to represent each member of your family by cutting out and gluing on construction paper eyes, hair bows, baseball caps, etc.

4. For the baby bag, make a small hole and poke the pacifier through. You may need to secure it with tape on the inside of the bag.

creative pregnancy announcements

Some ghoulish debate later, we decided to place an envelope at each person’s place at the table. Prior to consuming their bites, the dinner table would open these envelopes in one grand gesture and be in for the “scare” of their life as they read the following photo card:

“Don’t mean to scare you,
But we have one more BOO on the way!”
Make a Halloween Pregnancy Announcement with Paper Bag Ghosts | original card. Sorry the quality is so…ghastly!)

frazzled-momentNothing ever goes according to the plan in my head. And this ghostly gathering was right on queue. Everyone opened their envelopes at different rates. People started asking for their readers as they squinted at the card in front of them. My two year old son was flashing his “Big Brother” shirt in a Superman-like style way before his scheduled entrance. And everyone’s comprehension of what they were reading was interrupted by a loud thump as we all turned to see my father-in-law’s head hit the table as he uttered about a third college tuition. O-M-Pumpkin!

Shock and cheers later, we toasted the oncoming arrival of this mini goblin with lots of bugs and hisses.

Make a Halloween Pregnancy Announcement with Paper Bag Ghosts |
What are some fun ways you’ve heard of announcing a pregnancy? Share in the comments.

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  1. Teresa says:

    So cute! I’m done having babies too, but it’s still a very sweet inspiration. Thank you for sharing at The Really Crafty Link Party this week. Pinned!

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