Be Thankful! How to Create a Kids Thanksgiving Countdown Calendar

Create a Thanksgiving turkey countdown calendar | DazzleWhileFrazzled.comI love Thanksgiving. Do you? I love the food (anyone say pie?!), the simplicity of the holiday and knowing that the next day, I can haul all those Christmas boxes out of storage for a weekend of trying to remember where everything went the year before!

With there being no emphasis on presents, this is a great time of year to teach gratitude to the kiddos. You know, get them to appreciate the load of gifts that’ll be invading your home in a few weeks time.

So as we countdown to Thanksgiving with all its fixins’, creating a countdown calendar may get your family to slow down and appreciate…even for one fast minute.*This post contains affiliate links. A purchase of any of these items helps to support this blog and its creative efforts at no cost to you. To read more, please see my disclosure page.

MAke a thanksgiving countdown calendar

The experts all tell us to slow down this time of year. Kinda hard with tree ornaments hanging next to school supplies in stores in August! We’re inundated with reminders of the material. So whether you are still running around in flip flops (as we are in Arizona) or looking cute in your boots, get the fam to shout out the things they are most grateful for. Write them on slips of paper that you then stuff in this turkey. No messy hands afterwards!

Felt sheets in autumn colors
Hot glue gun (or my favorite, fabric glue)
– Sewing machine (here’s a basic sewing machine if learning to sew is a New Year’s resolution!)
– Craft scissors and straight pins
 Craft magnets (optional if you want to hang it on your fridge)

Turkey Trottin’ Step #1:
If desired, you can print out and enlarge this FREE Turkey Template! Use the template to cut out the various felt pieces.
Create a Thanksgiving turkey countdown calendar |
Turkey Time Step #2
Begin by arranging the feathers. On each feather, place a calendar pocket and on each pocket, place a number. (You can easily find numbers online, or just type 1-30 in Word and print out.)

A Friendly Turkey Tip: Since Thanksgiving falls on a different day each year, best to make a pocket for all the days of the month. Just in case.

Turkey Fixin’ Step #3: Glue the calendar feathers on top of the body circle, leaving space in the middle for the turkey’s head. Center your turkey’s head and glue him on too.

Turkey So Good Step #4: Cut a second body circle. I opted to sew this second circle on top of the first circle but you can easily glue it.

Thankful Turkey Step #5: Glue the chest feathers on top of this outer body circle. Put a face on your turkey and add a gratitude phrase (such as Give Thanks).

Turkey Leftover Yum Step #6: Flip the turkey over and glue two craft magnets to the backside of the turkey should you want to place it on your fridge.
Create a Thanksgiving turkey countdown calendar |

Sit down as a family, or have each kid do their own, and write on paper slips various “I’m grateful for…” or “Thank you for…”. Slip each gratitude slip into a pocket and open one each day until Thanksgiving.

Create a Thanksgiving turkey countdown calendar |

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8 thoughts on “Be Thankful! How to Create a Kids Thanksgiving Countdown Calendar

  1. Susanne says:

    This is so cute!! You are so crafty and what a great way to engage the kiddos and get them thinking of the real reason for the season 🙂 Thank you for sharing at TaDa Thursday!!!

  2. debbie says:

    This is such a cute idea and one that really helps children have concrete ideas of an upcoming event. Anticipation is always one of the great parts of an event. Thanks for sharing

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