Faucets, Faucets: Help Me Select My Kitchen Accessory

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Sous kitchen faucet by KohlerI’m usually not at a loss for creative ideas. There’s always some random project idea rattling around in the creative lobe of my mind. I guess it’s just the way I’m wired, much to my poor husband’s chagrin. He’s often the one whose weekend is spent helping me turn said random idea into the reality I get to share with you each week!

So you can only imagine all the creative bouncing around that has been going on since moving into our relatively-still-new home 1.5 years ago. We’ve taken on some decent-sized renovations since handed the keys. The one room that has had the greatest transformation has been our kitchen, going from 1980s dark and heavy to 21st century light and bright. But the kitchen To Do list is still not complete – sorry husb! Next on the list is to put in a new kitchen faucet to be more in keeping with the young-fun-active look we have created in this room.


We probably don’t realize how rough we are on our kitchen faucet or how many times a day they are turned on and off or the spray nozzle yanked out to hose down the sink. So this is one of those accessories that is best researched and all options weighed to ensure you’re purchasing and installing a faucet that will compliment how you live and work in your kitchen. With so many options out there, I’ve narrowed it down to three from Kohler – I welcome your input on this decision!

The “Professional Chef” Look
I’m loving the Kohler Sous Kitchen Faucet that will instantly make you look like you’re a master chef, even if you aren’t! Often seen in professional kitchens with its high arch and exposed spring design, it stands tall at 29.5″.
Sous kitchen faucet by Kohler
Have you ever had the oh-so-fun experience of your spray head not quite locking into place and crashing down into a soaking sauce pan causing a small tidal wave?! Yes, the soaked shirt has happened here. The Sous faucet will avoid such kitchen mishaps with its magnetic docking arm that keeps the spray head in safely in place in addition to it being detachable, making for easy cleaning of the faucet head.

The “Vintage Urban” Look
I’ve found myself really liking the vintage-post century modern look recently so I’m sold on the stainless steel retro-modern feel of the Kohler Worth Kitchen Faucet. Because this faucet also comes in an oil-rubbed bronze finish, it also would seamlessly mesh with a more traditional kitchen look.
Worth kitchen faucet by Kohler
Instead of trying to precariously balance and clean a large (dirty) pot, I could utilize the Worth faucet’s ProMotion technology to comfortably pull out the spray head and simply swivel the faucet head in any direction I need. This faucet also uses a DockNetik magnetic technology to keep the spray head in place to avoid an outfit change mid-day!

The “Glamour” Look
Standing tall and modern at 30″, the Kohler Trielle Kitchen Faucet makes filing (and then cleaning) a large stock pot a much easier job with its Sweep spray that sends out a powerful blast of water. Who wouldn’t be sold on a mini dishwasher in your faucet?! I’m particularly sold on its MasterClean sprayface to easily clean water deposits, which is a constant battle here in hard water Arizona!

Trielle kitchen faucet by Kohler


Nothing like being faced with three great options and only being able to select one. Agh! With three young kids and a kitchen that never quite seems to close, I like that these faucets are scratch-resistant and all come with a soap/lotion dispenser that’s low profile.

Now the husband will most likely be sold on the fact that these faucet come pre-assembled with a 3-hole plate, flexible hoses and quick-connect fittings so he’s not having to run out mid-project to the hardware store (as is our pattern with DIY projects!). And given how rough and tumble our party of five is, that these faucets exceed by 2x the lifetime performance will make him a happy installer. This will leave him plenty of time to check off another home project To Do!
Worth kitchen faucet by Kohler
So if you should be driving by a Home Depot, stop by the kitchen faucet section and tell me what you think and help me select a kitchen faucet. #KohlerIdeas

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