How To Easily Makeover a Kid Step Stool with Paint

Update a kid step stool with paint | DazzleWhileFrazzled.comOh, the days of stepping over the kiddie stool at the sink in order to wash your hands. Part of the bargain of having pint-sized roommates, I suppose. So what do you do when the kids outgrow the cars and trucks design on said stool but still need it to brush their teeth? You give it a thrifty makeover.

Give the kids a few hardcover books to stand on (start with your husband’s old business books that are dust collectors) and take the truck laced kid step stool into the great outdoors to begin the mod transformation.

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makeover a kid step stool with paint

The power of a few strokes of a paint brush to totally change a piece of furniture…even a simple kid step stool. So grab your can of paint and set off to happily make a transformation.

– Kid step stool (okay, this was an obvious one)
Sand paper in 80 grit
– Primer (I like this brand)
– Semi- or High-gloss interior paints
– Angled paint brush (I find angled brushes easiest to work with)
– Small detail paint brush
– Round item in various sizes to trace
– Clear water-based polyurethane (gotta protect your hard work)

Step #1 – Sand and Prime
Rough up those cars and trucks with some sand paper so that the primer will adhere. Follow that with a couple coats of primer.
Update a kid step stool with paint |
Update a kid step stool with paint |
Step #2 – Paint
I gave the primed kid step stool a few coats of cream-colored semi-gloss interior paint. Let it hang out in the sun while you ponder your next move.

Step #3 – Make It Interesting
Polka dots are sorta my go-to…and make for an easy design. I gathered three different sizes of round items to use as templates and traced them onto the stool.
Update a kid step stool with paint |

Step #4 – Do You Know This Trick?
What’s a polka dot design without some baby dots? Use the end of a paint brush dipped in paint to make perfectly formed small dots.
Update a kid step stool with paint |
Once fully dry, give it a really good coat of clear, water-based polyurethane.

From a kiddie motif to a fresh mod look, enjoy these kid step stool days!
Update a kid step stool with paint |

Update a kid step stool with paint |
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7 thoughts on “How To Easily Makeover a Kid Step Stool with Paint

  1. Teresa says:

    You did a great job with that makeover. I love these simple projects that turn out so great, though I don’t envy you with all that sanding. I hate sanding and I wish we could just cover all up with new paint…Thank you for sharing at The Really Crafty Link Party. Pinned!

  2. Michelle says:

    Yup, I’m all for using paint to make something new again. I love the circles and the dots, that’s really cool. Thank you for coming to party at Sweet Inspiration Victoria

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