DIY Minecraft Diamond Sword Birthday Craft

DIY Minecraft Diamond Sword Birthday Craft Gift Card Holder | DazzleWhileFrazzled.comI admit, I know absolutely zero about Minecraft! My kids are too young so I’m clueless. So when they were invited to a Minecraft-themed birthday party, I took to the Internet to learn what this Minecraft craze was all about.

After looking at more than enough pixel diamond swords, I felt like I could venture into this brand new digital world and create a cool diamond sword birthday craft. Since we were giving the birthday boy a gift card, I wanted to create an awesome Minecraft-themed gift card holder. Check out how I speared the gift card…
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DIY minecraft diamond sword birthday craft

In my head — where the ideas are flawlessly fabulous — I wanted the Minecraft diamond sword to look as though it was spearing the gift card. Now how to go from my head to the craft table and actually make this gift card holder?

– Minecraft diamond sword template
– Sturdy cardstock
– Craft glue
– Craft scissors

My research stumbled upon a minefield of pre-made diamond sword templates, many with free graphics. I took a free diamond sword into Word and shrunk it to a smaller, gift card appropriate size. Click here for a Minecraft Diamond Sword gift card holder template.

Cut and Paste. Repeat.
Print out the Minecraft diamond sword template.

Cut out both templates. I glued one side of the sword onto the cardstock, cut that out and then glued the remaining template onto its other side.
DIY Minecraft Diamond Sword Birthday Craft Gift Card Holder |

Stick It To Ya.
It took a few seconds of talking myself into cutting my cute (can you use that word when talking about video games?!) Minecraft diamond sword in half. After my 6-year old told me to, “Just do it, mom”, I soon had two pieces of sword sitting there.
DIY Minecraft Diamond Sword Birthday Craft Gift Card Holder |

Take a Shot!
A shot glass has so many uses, other than the obvious! Using it as a circle template, I cut two round circles that would be used as the base to hold the sword pieces.

I cut a small slit in the sword pieces and folded the sides in opposite directions. These folds were then pasted onto the circles, and then affixed onto each side of the gift card.
DIY Minecraft Diamond Sword Birthday Craft Gift Card Holder |

Spear Your Gift Card
Attach the second side of the sword to the opposite side of the gift card, making sure to line it up as best as possible. Once the glue dries, you have yourself a [cute] Minecraft diamond sword gift card holder. Hopefully the 7-year old birthday boy will enjoy it!
DIY Minecraft Diamond Sword Birthday Craft Gift Card Holder |

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