How To Make a Tree Garland From Mini Cupcake Liners

INSIDE: Use mini cupcake liners to make a Christmas tree garland.

How to make a Christmas tree garland from miniature cupcake liners | DazzleWhileFrazzled.comOh, the stresses of the holidays! For the past couple holiday seasons, our pre-light artificial tree has become less sparkly and bright. I don’t know what’s more shocking to you: that we are a fake tree family or that said faux fir had blotchy light patches!

So when we made the splurge on a new Christmas tree, out to the curb also went the hand-me-down tree garland. Since I balked at purchasing a designer garland, I made a $3 tree garland instead…

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tree garland from mini cupcake liners

My M.O. is to make it for less and do it simply and quickly. However… If you’re like me that you have kids running around, wet clothes to pull out of the washing machine and school pick-up to rush off to, this super easy project may wind up taking you all day! But it looks cute and fun at the end and that’s what matters, am I right?!

Distractions aside, gather your supplies:
– Mini cupcake liners (I found mine at the Dollar Store. If you can’t find any, check these out)
– Cardstock, or any sturdy paper
Fishing Wire
– Craft Glue (this is my fave project glue)
– Craft Scissors (get three different scissor sizes in this pack)

how to make a christmas tree garland

Step #1:
Grab some cardstock, or any sturdy paper. You want something with some heft to hold down your fishing wire. Cut small rectangular pieces.
DIY Mini Cupcake Liner Christmas Tree Garland

Step #2:
Separate the cupcake liners and flip each cupcake liner inside out so the design is facing you.
DIY Mini Cupcake Liner Christmas Tree Garland

how to string the mini cupcake liners garland

Step #3:
Make a loop at one end of the fishing wire. Add glue to the piece of cardstock AND sandwich the fishing wire between the cupcake liner and the cardstock.
DIY Mini Cupcake Liner Christmas Tree Garland

Continue in this manner until you reach your desired length. I made garland chains that consisted of 30 cupcake liners. Our Christmas tree is 7.5′ in height. I made a total of 10 chains to drape around our tree. This amounted to 300 mini cupcake liners. I clearly overestimated the # of liners so I would need so there will be lots of yummy baking this holiday season!
How to make a Christmas tree garland from miniature cupcake liners |

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10 thoughts on “How To Make a Tree Garland From Mini Cupcake Liners

  1. Teresa says:

    That’s really cute! Hopefully I’ll be able to find cupcake lines in the right colors, because this would be a fun project for the kids. Thank you for sharing at The really Crafty Link Party. Pinned!

  2. Katrin says:

    What a clever garland, I love the cupcake liner idea, there are so many designs out there for the holidays and this one looks so cute! Thank you for sharing at Sweet Inspiration this week!

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