Make a No Sew Snack Pouch…From a Placemat

INSIDE: How to make a no sew snack pouch from a vinyl placemat. Great kids snack bag idea!

DIY No Sew Snack Pouch | DazzleWhileFrazzled.comSometimes the timing works out in the world of crafting. I signed up to participate in a crafting challenge called #30DayFlip at the same time my daughter lost her snack pouch on the playground for the umpteenth time. No more finding it in the school’s Lost and Found collection. It was officially a goner.

So when I learned that the February challenge was a No Sew Hack, I immediately knew what I was going to be making! See how I made a snack pouch without a sewing machine…
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Make a no sew Snack pouch…From a placemat

My main objective for this snack bag was that it be easy to clean and wipe down (otherwise known as being “cootie-free”, as the kids say) at the end of each school day. What better, easy-to-clean material is there than a vinyl placemat? If it works for your dinner table, why not a snack bag?

– Vinyl plastic placemat – found on clearance for $0.99 (here is the type I used)
Plastic cable ties
– Mini Brads
– Scissors
– Hole punch

Make a no sew placemat pouch

make a no sew Snack pouch in 20 minutes

Step #1:
Fold one end of the placemat and measure how big you want your pouch to be.
Mine was 6×9″.

Step #2
Once I had my dimensions, I taped the end I folded in to avoid it constantly unrolling. With the end tapped, grab a hole punch and made holes through the placemat.

I had to do one side at a time as the hole punch wasn’t going through both pieces.

Steps #3 and #4
With all your punches made, grab your plastic cable ties. The end with the locking mechanism is on the inside of the pouch. Loop it through the hole underneath it, up through the hole above it and then back over to the hole that lines up with the locking mechanism.
Make a no sew placemat pouch
Step #5:
Insert the end of the cable tie into the locking mechanism and secure. Repeat this method for all the holes on both sides of the pouch.
Make a no sew placemat pouch

securing the snack pouch

Yay! You made the snack bag part. Now, decide how much of a flap you want to fold down over the pouch (my flap is 2.5″). Once decided, cut the placemat accordingly.

Step #6:
Cut a rectangular strip of the placemat. This piece will serve as the way to close and secure your pouch’s belongings. Probably best to cut a longer strip and then trim when done.

Step #7:
Using the sharp end of a pair of scissors, make a small hole through the strip + the backside of the pouch (not the flap –> the pouch.)

Step #8:
Insert your brad so that the closing mechanism is on the inside of the pouch.

Make a no sew placemat pouch
Step #9:
Repeat the above steps #7 and 8 by securing the strip to the flap this time. Again the locking mechanism of the brad is on the inside of the pouch.

Step #10:
Cut a smaller rectangular section (I did mine zig zag to keep with the look of the placemat). This is what you will tuck the strip you just secured to the pouch. Secure it to the front of the pouch via brads, with the locking mechanism on the inside.
How to create a pouch from a placemat

a re-purposed snack pouch

Who knew you could take a vinyl placemat and make a handy cosmetic or snack bag or coin purse – without having to pull out a sewing machine?!

For a few dollars and some simple steps, make a wipe-clean pouch today! Now let’s just hope my daughter doesn’t lose this one!

DIY No Sew Snack Pouch |

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21 thoughts on “Make a No Sew Snack Pouch…From a Placemat

  1. Kim says:

    Now that is an ingenious idea! Much better (for the environment and way less expensive) than using ziplock bags . Have to keep this one in mind…Thanks for sharing!

    • DazzleWhileFrazzled says:

      Thanks! It was a fun challenge. Easy to clean was the ultimate MO, esp. anything that goes to school everyday!

    • DazzleWhileFrazzled says:

      Thank you! Being easy to clean after a 6 year old uses it all week was the MO! Congrats on your challenge prize.

  2. Lori says:

    Terrific idea! I wish I had thought of these great things when my kiddos were young…but one day grandkiddos!

    Thanks for sharing at Dishing It & Digging It!

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