How To Organize Your Mudroom with a Cubby System

How to create a DIY mudroom cubby system | DazzleWhileFrazzled.comThere are five of us in our family. And we all have stuff. Lots of stuff. And where do you think all of this stuff winds up as said family members walk into the house? Everywhere but nowhere really.

Lucky for me, we had this decently-sized space in our mudroom/laundry combo that would make the mudroom cubby system my sanity so coveted.

Armed with a sketch and some melamine boards, we built the most useful piece of furniture in our house!

organize your Mudroom with a Cubby System

Our mudroom/laundry combination is galley-shaped with a pantry on one end and a little powder room on the other. And yet, all the comings and goings happen in this small space. The bags, shoes and hats all needed a place to go other than on the floor.

So I engaged my “construction crew” (otherwise known as husband and father-in-law) to take a rough sketch and make me the cubby system of my dreams.

Our mudroom cubby system is 62″ (l) x 49″ (h) with five individual cubbies. Create yours to fit your space and family needs.

You can download the instructions to make your own Mudroom Cubby System. It is a FREE download available to my Dazzling email subscribers. Sign up today and be part of the Dazzling community!


organize your stuff with a mudroom cubby system

In addition to simply holding all my family’s stuff, my favorite part of these cubbies was making each individual cubby a reflection of the person whose stuff would go in it.

While my “construction crew” was on break, I scoured my house to find items that would serve as hooks for each cubby. For my daughter, I found a Little People prince and princess; son #1, a dinosaur which we cut in half; son #2, two wooden cars; me, two vintage-looking sewing spools; my husband…. Well, he had to special order his hooks since he wanted University of Arizona doodads!

Organize your mudroom and stuff with a personalized cubby system

Organize and Personalize

The backsides of the cubbies were decorated with peel-n-stick removable wallpaper.

Add a basket to hold shoes, balled-up socks that never make it to the hamper, dirt and rocks (so.much.dirt) and whatever other stuff that would otherwise be all over the floor. Confine it all to an individual mudroom cubby system!
How to create a DIY mudroom cubby system |

Sanity has returned! Happy, happy house!!

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7 thoughts on “How To Organize Your Mudroom with a Cubby System

  1. Laura says:

    This is such a great cubby system. And one that will remain useful as your children grow. I like that you used the peel and reposition wall paper because as each child grows, their likes and dislikes will change. This way the paper in the back can be changed to accommodate these changes.

    I would make a couple of suggestions . On the baskets for the cubby, what might be fun is to get little plaques or you can make it out of cardboard and paint them with chalk paint. Then when dry, put the person’s name on it. If you made from cardboard, punch a hole on each side at the same level. Use fishing line, ribbon, yard, what ever you like to tie the name card or plaque (if you do not get one already pre-paunched then drill a small hole on both sides at the same level or even one single hole at the top) to the basket. If you use the Cardboard method to make your , you might want to trim out the edges to give it a more polished look. I do not know if chalk paint comes in other colours or not. But I do think the black name plates would be a cool, easy addition.
    My other comment is that I noticed you now have extra storage space on top of the cubby. This would be excellent space for storing seasonal items that belong to each person. Get 5 boxes and fabric cover them in what ever fabric you choose (or even some of the peel and stick wall paper), again use a nam name plate and put it on top of the cubby over each person’s space. In this would go, say, gloves, hats, scarves, winter boots or winter sports items. Then when Summer ends, just switch them out. No looking for gloves or hats or hockey masks or ice skates because they are all in an assigned area.
    And I know we have four seasons. But I do mine down to 2. Late Spring to Mid Fall, Mid-Fall to Early Spring.
    Sorry to be so much, I just loved this idea and it set my mind to whirling.
    Thank you for sharing your creative work .

    • DazzleWhileFrazzled says:

      Thanks for all your suggestions and for stopping by. I have a little guy who would probably rip off any dangling name plaques so once he can be a little more trusted, I’ll keep that idea in mind!

  2. Cheryl Ambrosone says:

    Could you please send me the instructions on how to build?
    I like the fact that it’s up off the floor!

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