How to Sew an Easy Envelope Pillow Cover

INSIDE: How to sew an easy envelope pillow case tutorial.

DIY Sew Envelope Pillow Cover | DazzleWhileFrazzled.comEnvelope pillow cases are my absolute favorite to sew. They are not only easy but once you get the hang of it, super quick to get done. Once you get the basics of sewing envelope throw pillows, you can make them for specific holidays and seasons as well as decorate them in any way you like. Like I did in for this pumpkin pillow and this easy fabric scraps pillow project for Christmas.

Here’s my simple how to sew an envelope pillow cover tutorial…
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how to sew an easy envelope pillow cover

– Fabrics of your choosing
– Sewing machine + thread (here’s a basic machine to get you started if you don’t have one)
– Straight pins + sewing scissors (these pins are pretty cute)
Tape measure
– Pillow insert (these pillow inserts come in different sizes)

Measure and Cut Fabric for envelope pillow cover

Step #1:
Measure the pillow you intend to cover. Mine was 18×18”.

Next, lay out your fabric and measure and cut the fabric accordingly, leaving some allowance for hem. In my case, I cut ONE 19×19” square.

Step #2:
With the remaining fabric, measure and cut out TWO pieces.

One section will be wider than the other. For my pillow, one section measured 14×19” and the other measured 10×19”.

Fold down ½” for hem. Pin and sew.

Add Trim to the envelope pillow cover

Step #3:
To add a trim, I used a contrasting pattern.

A great thing to buy if you only need a small piece of fabric is a Fat Quarter. They come in a variety of colors and patterns and there’s less waste.

Since I was using a ‘fat quarter’ piece, I measured about 2” wide strips. Pin the strips together and sew.

Step #4:
Fold the trim in half.

Lay the square 19×19” piece right side up. Pin the trim to the front of the square piece, raw edge to raw edge. Sew.

Step #5:
With the trim now sewn to the square piece, lay it right side up. Pin the shorter (10”) piece on top of it, right side down. Repeat with the 14” piece, overlapping the two pieces where they meet. Sew.

Step #6:
Turn the pillow cover right side out.

Insert your pillow form.

Check out the final envelope pillow cover and how to add decorative elements to the front of the throw pillow. Happy sewing!!

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