Easy DIY Fall Porch Decor Ideas

Autumn front porch decorating ideas and outdoor fall decor. This post was sponsored by Lowe’s as part of an Influencer Activation for Influence Central and all opinions expressed in my post are my own.

Easy DIY fall porch decorating ideas with Lowe's | DazzleWhileFrazzled.comI love autumn! After suffering through our hot, dry Arizona summers, autumn is a welcome change… even if we are still running around in shorts and flip flops. As soon as September hits, it’s time to start thinking orange pumpkins and hardy fall mums.

As much I enjoy decorating for the year’s various holidays and seasons, it’s also nice to get longevity out of those decorations that spend most of the year stored away in the garage. It’s a lot of work to haul those boxes of decorations out, right?!

So from Labor Day through Thanksgiving, those pretty mums and bright orange pumpkins can enjoy prime real estate on our front stoop as a welcoming sign of (fingers crossed!) cooler weather, changing leaves and, maybe, sweater weather.
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DIY Fabric Canopy Cover for Backyard Kids Sandbox

INSIDE: How to build a fabric canopy cover for a DIY wooden sandbox for kids. How to shade a backyard sandbox.

Any excuse to get the kids outside to play. Am I right?! Especially with two wild, unbelievably active boys, there are times when mom just needs like five minutes in a quiet, calm house.

Fortunately, I live in Arizona where it’s nice almost year-round. So I can tell these kids, “Go outside and play” in the middle of January when most folks are dealing with snow and frigid temps.

Of all the backyard toys we have accumulated over the years, the best thing we’ve ever done is build the kids a wooden sandbox. Best. Money. Spent. This is how we keep the blazing desert sun at bay when I “kick” the kids out of the house to play!
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DIY Umbrella Stand into an Easy Patio Side Table

INSIDE: How to build an easy outdoor patio side table using a metal umbrella stand.

Turn a metal umbrella stand into an outdoor patio side table | Dazzle While Frazzled.comNo idea why but we have three umbrella stands and one patio umbrella. Not too sure why this is. Did we lose an umbrella in a house move? Did someone “gift” us a heavier-than-heck metal base and forget its umbrella companion?

But here we sit outdoors among the warm sun, the green grass and flowering pots…and three metal (and dare I say, rusting) umbrella stands dotting the landscape. It was time to get crafty or call in for a donation pick-up. Guess which option I roped my husband into?

This is how we turned a rusted umbrella stand into a unique and practical outdoor patio side table…
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How to Use a Shower Caddy as a Vertical Planter

INSIDE: How to use a shower caddy as an outdoor vertical wall planter. Easy garden craft!

My mother saves a lot of stuff. Sometimes the most random items are brought over. Do I really need a collection of plastic takeout salad boxes? (Ironically, I did keep a couple of those boxes in order to dye coffee filters for this pumpkin project. Go figure they’d come in handy.)

One such peculiar item hauled to my house was a metal shower caddy. For all I know, this was probably saved from my college days…way too many years ago! This random goody I did snatch up knowing immediately what I’d do with it…
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Make Your Own Solar Lights to Hang in a Tree

INSIDE: How to make DIY hanging solar lights to display in a tree or throughout a patio.

How to make DIY hanging solar light orbs | DazzleWhileFrazzled.comGot a tree that needs to see the light? Our front yard has several large and looming trees but only one is green. Yes, a green tree. (Hey, I live in Arizona with its own set of quirks like green trees called Palo Verdes!) So this tree is nothing short of a focal point.

A while back, I created a hanging orb plant basket to dress up said tree. Call me biased but I think it looks pretty cool. Using the same hardware store materials, I created a series of hanging solar light orbs. And this is how I showed this green tree the light…
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How To Make Flower Front Door Decor Using Plastic Nursery Pots

INSIDE: Use plastic nursery flower pots to create DIY flower front door decor.

Make Flower Decor Using Plastic Nursery PotsIf you were to come up my driveway, tucked in next to the garbage can, you would see two large stacks of those black plastic nursery flower pots. I practically had to wrap caution tape around these stacks to keep my husband from tossing them.

“I have plans for these”, I would tell him.  He would give me the look, stare at me for a beat, and then move on because he wasn’t going to win the discussion.

What I didn’t reveal is that I didn’t have an immediate stellar creative idea as I stared at these stacks. But once I got that creative brain burst (probably in the middle of the night and why I’ve now started using nightly eye cream), check out this very easy, very thrifty flowery front door decor idea…
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DIY Hanging Orb Planter For $10

INSIDE: Use metal tape to create an easy and inexpensive hanging orb planter. Perfect for hanging under a patio or from a tree.

How to make your own hanging planter | DazzleWhileFrazzled.comOn vacation, in a picturesque coastal town, was when I first saw a planter hanging from a tree. Totally loved the look and Hello! inspiration. I came home determined to replicate the look.

A year later (because why should a DIY project get done quickly?!), I finally came around to making my hanging tree planter.

Inspired by the modern and industrial designs I was seeing in catalogs, I created a hanging planter for $10. No designer sticker shock here! Continue reading

DIY Age Plastic Terra Cotta Flower Pots

INSIDE: How to age plastic terra cotta flower pots using paint, water and a sanding block.

How to age plastic flower pots | DazzleWhileFrazzled.comWe commandeered my father-in-law’s very old and very rusty metal wheelbarrow that he had brought over for a landscaping project last summer. The moment I saw this rusted thing emerge from his trunk, I knew I wanted it. Not for moving rocks or dirt but as part of my landscape decor!

Once he realized his old-time wheelbarrow had found itself a new home (and we ordered him a heavy duty plastic yard cart to sweeten the deal), I worked on filling it full of varied pots and plants. A shiny new flower pot would not fit the look I was after and I don’t have the patience to wait for “real” terra cotta to age. So instead I found an easy way to age plastic “faux” terra cotta flower pots instead…
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How to Make an Easy Vintage Candlestick Plant Stand

INSIDE: How to use a vintage brass candlestick and turn it into a freestanding plant stand for the garden.

Turn a vintage candlestick into a freestanding candlestick plant stand for the garden | DazzleWhileFrazzled.comWe inherited a brass candlestick from my husband’s grandparents and I used it for many years in the corner of my dining room as a pillar candle holder. It was an interesting piece that filled an awkward corner.

Then we moved and I had nowhere to put it. I even attempted to sell it online yet had no takers.

I finally succumbed to the idea that this old candlestick was meant to stay in the family! Of course, I had no idea what to do with it and so it sat, collecting dust. Waiting for some brilliant “aha!” moment… Continue reading

How To Turn a Tin Can Into a Fairy Garden House

INSIDE: How to use a tin can to create a DIY Tin Can Fairy Garden House and bless your garden today.

DIY Tin Can Fairy Garden House | DazzleWhileFrazzled.comOn her 6th birthday, my daughter had a Fairy Garden party theme. I hosted a flurry of little girls in fairy wings and flower wreaths, where they created their own fairy gardens with wooden fairy houses to take home. Super sweet and the girls had a “fairy” good time!

But after our summer sun, the wooden fairy house started to show its wear. The fairy garden needed a pint-sized renovation and something able to withstand the elements.

So, I grabbed some tin soup cans, bottles of patio paint and made some weather-friendly fairy garden houses to welcome the fairies into my garden…

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