How To Update a $68 Builders Ceiling Fan

INSIDE: How to update a builders ceiling fan with a metal basket and vintage flowers for custom look.

How to update a standard builders ceiling fanWe live in Arizona and it’s hot. H-O-T!! Ceiling fans (and air conditioning and ice cream and cold lattes) are a must. So as we melted away in our fan-less kitchen, it was time to swap out the ginormous chandelier that came with the house for something much ‘cooler’.

And finally this project has moved to the top of the list after we scored a deal on a plain ole white ceiling fan from the local hardware store.

Out with the mega chandelier (no takers on Craigslist, go figure!) and in with an eclectic take on a standard builders ceiling fan…

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how to update a builders ceiling fan

There’s nothing like hitting a sale at the hardware store! My husband came home with this $68 ceiling fan gem. And before you knew it, we are completing making it our own courtesy of a wire basket and some vintage metal flowers.

– Standard ceiling fan
Light Kit
– Wire metal basket
– Bailing wire
Wire snips
– Vintage metal flowers (purchased via
Floral wire
Ceiling medallion (optional)
How to update a builders ceiling fan

ceiling fan home decor idea

Step #1:
Install the ceiling medallion per manufacturer instructions.

(My husband installed the fan, stood back all proud of himself, only to realize the ceiling medallion was still sitting on the counter. A few groans later, fan was down and medallion was up.)

Step #2:
We opted to hang the wire metal basket upside down. Using the diameter of the light kit, we cut a hole in the bottom of the basket with wire snips. The light kit was secured to the underside of the basket using bailing wire. The goal is for the basket to be sandwiched between the fan and the light kit.
How to update a builders ceiling fanHow to update a builders ceiling fanStep #3:
Install the ceiling fan, per instructions by manufacturer.

Step #4:
So the fan looked good hanging up there. Nice and cute…but boring.

One online search to another, I located a variety of metal vintage flowers on Etsy. Originally intended for making jewelry, these metal stamping flowers would add the needed touch of whimsy. I gave them a quick coat of paint to match our decor.
How to update a builders ceiling fan
Step #5:
Using floral wire, secure the metal flowers through the basket and twisting on the inside of the basket. Cut off any excess wire.
How to update a builders ceiling fan
Who knew a simple ceiling fan – with an update – could make such an impact in a space.
Cool baby!
How to update a builders ceiling fan

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    It turned out great, you did a wonderful job, and on a budget too! Thank you for sharing at The Really Crafty Link Party this week. Pinned!

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    This is such a cool idea for an update! Thanks so much for sharing with us at Snickerdoodle Sunday! Pinned to share 🙂

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