Make a Mobile from Kids Stacking Ring Toy

INSIDE: Turn a vintage Fisher Price stacking ring toy into a fun mobile for a child’s room.

How to use a stacking ring to create a DIY toy mobile | DazzleWhileFrazzled.comMy mother saves almost everything! Once I started having children, all sorts of stuff has made its way from her garage to my home, including old toys. I mean, we are going back 30-something years for some of these classics! What’s the proper term for that — retro, vintage, antique?!

Now my kids thing these oldie but goodies are beyond cool! But here’s the thing about 30+ year plastic toys, they get dry and break. And that’s what happened with a “vintage” Fisher Price stacking ring toy.

The rings were splitting and the cone got a chunk broken off during some wild sword fighting! It was time to retire the toy. But I just couldn’t toss it out, given its history. So instead, I turned it into this…
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diy toy Mobile from stacking rings

This is a very quick DIY toy mobile project  that could easily be created with any old, broken or outgrown toys that you don’t want to part with — for whatever the sentimental reason.

– Stacking ring toy (here’s a classic stacking ring toy in case you don’t have a vintage one)
– Clear fishing wire
– Craft scissors
– Tacky craft glue (this is my all-time favorite glue — it has so many uses)
Drill with thin drill bit

How to use a stacking ring toy to create a mobile |
Step #1:
I sort of lucked out in that each ring had a small hole in them. Using the fishing wire,  I made 2-3 knots at an end and literally shoved it into the hole. I had to use the tip of a letter opener to help push the wire in as well as slightly enlarge the hole. Do this for all your rings.
How to use a stacking ring toy to create a mobile |
Step #2:
I know enough about power tools to be slightly dangerous! If you’re like me, you got this next step.

Using the drill, I made 10 holes all over the base of the ring tower. The goal is to have the  drill go through the base.
How to use a stacking ring toy to create a mobile |

Step #3:
Now one would think filing fishing wire through a hole would be a novice level skill. Yeah, not here! Before totally succumbing to frustration and chucking this project in the garbage (along with all those memories), I grabbed a sewing needle, threaded it and filed it through the holes that way.

Once through the hole, make 2-3 knots at end of the wire adjusting the length for each ring based on what looks good to you.

Step #4:
Since the stacking ring was going to be hung upside down, I put glue on the inside of the ball topper to keep it secure.
How to use a stacking ring to create a DIY toy mobile |

Step #5:
With your drill, make another hole where the cone screws in. Thread your fishing wire through this hole, making a loop for hanging.
How to use a stacking ring to create a DIY toy mobile |

And the view from underneath…
How to use a stacking ring to create a DIY toy mobile |
And here it is, in all its vintage/retro/antique glory. It hangs in my kids playroom – by far the happiest and most disastrous room in our home!
How to use a stacking ring to create a DIY toy mobile |


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29 thoughts on “Make a Mobile from Kids Stacking Ring Toy

  1. Pili says:

    I remember those rings too, my closest friend had one (well her brother) and we played with them all the time. It’s a great upcycle and the room looks lovely!

  2. Michelle Leslie says:

    What an incredibly cute and original idea Victoria. It looks so good in playroom, it’s just perfect and a wonderful way to keep those old toys that bring back so many happy memories

  3. Sue Purdy says:

    I so remember this toy!!! What a great idea to use an old toy as decor for the kids playroom. It’s brilliant and cute.

  4. Michelle James says:

    Wow! What a fabulous idea. I love that it hangs up side down and that it matches so perfectly in the room. Now you get to keep the history and have a fun piece hanging in the room. I love it.

  5. Kathleen says:

    My kids had that toy, too! Fischer-Price is awesome. Love how you salvaged it for the colorful memories! Thanks for sharing at Vintage Charm!
    xo Kathleen|Our Hopeful Home

  6. Teresa says:

    I remember having one of those when I was a kid too. I love the you you repurposed it, it looks a bit like the upside down house, but so much fun. Thank you for sharing at The Really Crafty link Party. Pinned!

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