Colorful, Easy Plastic Easter Egg Garland In 3 Steps

INSIDE: How to use plastic Easter eggs to create an easy Easter egg garland in 3 steps.

Make a plastic Easter egg garlandI decided to bypass St. Patrick’s Day decorating (not that I have much in terms of green decor) and get right to the eggs and bunnies this year. I guess I gauge which holidays to decorate for based on how large the box of decorations is!

Once digging through this bulging Easter decor box, I discovered a basket-full of those cheapy plastic eggs. There had to be something crafty to do with them; otherwise, we’d be in for the longest Easter egg hunt ever with the kiddos!

So grab those colorful plastic eggs and make the season’s easiest Easter egg garland…
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3 Step Easter egg garland

Avoid the world’s longest Easter egg hunt and find a crafty use for all those plastic eggs that are the staple of the Peter-Cottontail-hopping-down-the-Bunny-Trail season. Using a few supplies, this is truly a “frazzled free” project that will bring instant hippity hoppity cheer!

Garland-Making Supplies
plastic Easter eggs (with holes at both ends)
– embroidery thread or thin string
– sewing needle
– colorful ribbon (optional)

how to make an easter garland

Make your home look its Sunday Best with this egg-cellent Easter egg garland that is easily put together in 3 egg-licious steps.

Sunny Side Up Step #1:
Make a decent sized knot in your embroidery thread.
Make a plastic Easter egg garland
Over Easy Step #2:
Thread your needle with the embroidery thread. Open up your plastic egg and begin threading the egg, from the hole at the top of the egg to the hole at the bottom of the egg.
Make a plastic Easter egg garland
Scrambled Step #3:
Continue threading and stringing your plastic eggs until you reach your desired garland length. I used a combination of over-sized and regular-sized plastic eggs to make my garland.

Once you string your last egg, make a decent sized knot and cut the remainder of the thread.

Extra Yolk Step:

Attach colorful ribbon throughout your Easter egg garland, if desired. I added a trio of ribbon every seven eggs with a large bow in the middle.

Make a plastic Easter egg garland
No matter how you like them, eggs are good for you and even better for your home in bringing instant, fun, thrifty pops of color this time of year. How do you decorate with plastic eggs?

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28 thoughts on “Colorful, Easy Plastic Easter Egg Garland In 3 Steps

    • DazzleWhileFrazzled says:

      Thanks! Our first home was mantle-less so I’m happy to finally now have something to dress-up at holidays.

  1. Nicole B says:

    Such a great way to decorate for Easter without spending a lot of money on decorations. Thanks for sharing your idea. I saw the link at Create It Thursday.

  2. Cheryl says:

    Such a great idea!! I will have to make one to send to my daughter, she will love it too! Thanks for sharing your idea! Have a great weekend! Pinned.

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