12 Days of Christmas: DIY 5-Minute Potted Palm Christmas Tree

INSIDE: Turn a potted plant, artificial tree or palm into a Christmas tree with miniature ornament baubles and glittery spray.

How to make a miniature Christmas tree from a potted plant, artificial tree or palm using mini Christmas ornaments and floral sprigs.Got about 5-minutes, a potted plant (heck, even a fake one works) and some miniature ornaments? Perfect. Then you have all you need to make your own mini Christmas tree!

Here’s how I turned an artificial palm leaves arrangement into some last-minute Christmas decor. Ideal for when you still need to decorate and you’re holiday frazzled!
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12 Days of Christmas: DIY Wrapping Paper Gift with Printable Gift Tags

INSIDE: DIY wrapping paper gift for neighbors, teachers and friends with printable gift tags. 

Wrapping paper gift with printable Christmas and fun everyday gift tagsWe’ve all been there. The holidays sneak up on us or we look at the calendar and suddenly remember a friend’s birthday. No sweat, I’ve got this all figured out for you.

What’s the one thing most folks can always use just a little bit more of? Wrapping paper. And tape.

Combine these two into one thoughtful and fun yet reasonably priced gift – with printable tags – be it for Christmas or just a regular ole celebration.

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12 Days of Christmas: DIY Letterboard Word Napkin Rings

INSIDE: How to make DIY letterboard word napkin rings using letterboard letters, scrapbook paper and toilet paper tubes.

DIY HO HO HO Christmas letterboard message board paper napkin ringsI’ve had grand plans to make the fam one of those trendy letter boards. You know, those $50 boards that probably cost $10 to make. As with so many of these wannabe DIY projects, it’s yet to happen!

Nevertheless, I have the letterboard letters …but no board.

So while I wait for the day and time to come when I can make said message board, I’ve used the letters to make DIY word napkin rings instead.

From “YUM” to “HO HO HO”, use letterboard letters and toilet paper tubes to make DIY message board napkin rings…
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12 Days of Christmas: DIY 20-Minute Retro Tinsel Garland Wreath

INSIDE: How to make a DIY 20-minute retro tinsel garland wreath. Cheap Christmas holiday wreath front door decor.

Festive 20-minute DIY retro tinsel garland wreath.Nothing screams ‘Christmas’ like tinsel. So when I found a tangled pile of tinsel garland somewhere in a decoration box, I pulled out this long, glittery snake.

I have no idea how all this retro tinsel came into my possession but I was now its lucky owner. I have a sneaking suspicion it was a crafty hand-me-down from my sister’s attempt at decorating her mailbox!

So, yeah, retro tinsel garland. There wasn’t exactly enough to drape around a tree but there was the perfect amount to wrap around a wreath form.

After 20-minutes of wrapping and hot gluing, I crafted an easy tinsel garland. Because you can never have enough retro holiday sparkle.
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12 Days of Christmas: Milk and Cookie Mix in a Jar Fun Gift

INSIDE: Use a milk jar for a chocolate cookie recipe mix gift.

Do you remember Oprah? Gawd, I loved her show. I would stick my then baby girl in front of a basket of toys while I vegged out next to her. It was like my reward for getting through a day at home!

It was from her TV show that I first learned about these ah-ma-zing Double Chocolate Almond Cookies. OMG, they are waist-expanding addictive!!

And the perfectly easy gift to give friends, neighbors or whenever you need to win over your kid’s teacher. Pair them with a milk jug for a sweet milk and cookies treat.
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12 Days of Christmas: DIY Loaded Hot Chocolate Gift Mug

INSIDE: DIY loaded hot chocolate gift mug for adults. DIY painted coffee mug gift basket.

Easy adult hot chocolate gift mug. Hand painted coffee mug for DIY hot chocolate gift.One of the many crazy memories I have from my college days was adding a few drops of liquid warmth to a carafe of hot chocolate to get through a particularly painful night class. Pretty wild, since I would now throttle my kids if they did the same!

But sometimes we need more than just a steaming mug of gourmet hot chocolate to get us through [insert adult drama here].

Gift a friend a fun DIY loaded hot chocolate gift mug for when they need some extra liquid warmth!
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12 Days of Christmas: 10 Insanely Fun Games to Play as a Family

INSIDE: 10 insanely fun games to play as a family. Outdoor family game ideas.

Do you find it hard to find a game that every member of your family can play together? Better yet, find activities that gets everyone out of the house for fresh air, burn off some energy and, if all goes well, have an insanely fun time together?

Here are 10 insanely fun games – some for indoor and others for outdoor – to play and have a great time together with family, friends or to simply salvage a boring backyard get-together!

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12 Days of Christmas: Dollar Store Lace Paper Doily Vases

INSIDE: Decorate clear jars with dollar store lace paper doilies for easy flower vase decorating.

Use dollar store paper doilies for easy holiday flower vasesI think my mom’s philosophy of “You never know when you’ll need [insert random item here]” has contributed to my having a very large box of all sizes of mason jars, retro milk glasses and all sorts of clear containers. Why I have all this I don’t know but nevertheless, there is a moving-sized box in my pantry of glassware.

Since learning how to can my own jam is barely scratching the To Do list, these randomly collected glasses have proven to make great flower vases.

And with lace paper doilies from the dollar store, the only expense are the floral beauties you treat yourself to. Here’s how to make 5-minute paper doily flower vases…
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12 Days of Christmas: 5-Minute Paper Doily Christmas Cookie Plate

DIY 5-minute Christmas cookie plate craft. I was compensated for this post. This post also contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links.

Cookies for Santa with a DIY Christmas holiday plate with a 5-minute craft using glass plate, paper doily and glue | DazzleWhileFrazzled.comDo you have 5 minutes? Great! That’s about how long it will take to make this unbelievably easy DIY holiday dessert plate from supplies purchased at the Dollar Tree.

This simple $3 holiday plate craft is a great way to add color to your holiday table setting, or makes for the perfect way to gift friends and neighbors sweet holiday treats.

Grab a bottle of Mod Podge and about 4 minutes later you will have yourself a unique holiday plate ready for milk and cookies…
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12 Days of Christmas: Easy Snowman Hair Pin for Girls

INSIDE: Make an easy DIY snowman hair pin for girls using felt and hot glue gun. Easy no sew Christmas craft for kids.

Cute snowman snowgirl hair barrette for girls made from felt. Easy winter Christmas kids craft.I want to bottle my 8 year old up (well, maybe without the sass) and keep her a little girl for.e.ver! But knowing there’s a window on all things sweet and small, I’m going to take advantage of any opportunity I can get to make her cute things she’ll still enthusiastically wear.

Like this snowman hair pin. Made from craft felt and put together quicker than a snowball could melt.

Wear it all winter long …to keep those bangs back, said one mama to her 8 year old.
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