How To Turn a Tin Can Into a Fairy Garden House

INSIDE: How to use a tin can to create a DIY Tin Can Fairy Garden House and bless your garden today.

DIY Tin Can Fairy Garden House | DazzleWhileFrazzled.comOn her 6th birthday, my daughter had a Fairy Garden party theme. I hosted a flurry of little girls in fairy wings and flower wreaths, where they created their own fairy gardens with wooden fairy houses to take home. Super sweet and the girls had a “fairy” good time!

But after our summer sun, the wooden fairy house started to show its wear. The fairy garden needed a pint-sized renovation and something able to withstand the elements.

So, I grabbed some tin soup cans, bottles of patio paint and made some weather-friendly fairy garden houses to welcome the fairies into my garden…

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diy tin can fairy garden house

While I don’t know too much about fairy gardens, I do know that they are very sweet, special to little girls and the accessories can be a little on the pricey side. For the cost of a can of soup and a few bottles of craft patio paint, you can quickly and easily create a DIY fairy house for your garden today.

Fairy-Building Tools
– Tin cans, labels removed
– Metal cutter
– Wire pliers
Craft patio (outdoor use) acrylic paint + brush
– Wire or floral wire
– Screwdriver (and some arm muscle)
Create a fairy garden house from a tin can

How to make a tin can fairy garden house

Making a fairy house (and subsequent fairy garden) is truly a creative process. You can create it in any way you wish with whatever accessories you like. So get creative and fairy on, my friends!

Step No. 1: Use your metal cutters to cut a door. Or, easier yet, paint on a door.

Step No. 2: Cut up a second tin can to create a roof. I cut a tin can in half and then cut slits like a fringe and bend them upwards.

Friendly Fairy Tip: I used the wire pliers to bend back any sharp, cut ends of the can. Not worth a trip to urgent care!

Step No. 3: Paint your tin can.

Step No. 4: Add whatever creative details on your “house”, including painting up the “roof”. Once dry, pitch your roof.

How to create a tin can fairy garden house

a second fairy garden house design

I had an extra tin can so I made a second tin can fairy house. I followed Steps No. 1-4 but tweaked the roof…

Remember we cut a tin can in half? To make this little roof, I used the second half of that can, cutting out a section. I then relied (heavily) on my doing bicep curls a few times a week to punch two holes through this piece. I secured it to the can via floral wire and added a few curly ques for some fairy fun.

Friendly Fairy Tip: Take the piece of tin and your screwdriver outside. Lay it on the ground and push down (super) hard on the screwdriver until it punches through. Best to do this part outside on the ground so you don’t damage your floors or counter!
How to create a tin can fairy garden house
And here are our tin can fairy houses. Now to put them in the garden!
How to create a tin can fairy garden house

Hopefully our garden will be lucky enough to have a fairy or two stop by! So friends, keep calm and believe in fairies. I know of a little girl who does!

DIY Tin Can Fairy Garden House |

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33 thoughts on “How To Turn a Tin Can Into a Fairy Garden House

  1. Julie says:

    I’m guessing that you could just paint them to look like little houses too, couldn’t you. If the cutting was too tricky or little children wanted to get in on the decorating. But then how would the fairies get in???…I’ve not thought this through!

  2. Erlene says:

    Cute idea to recycle some cans into a fairy home. I try to make new fairy homes each year and this looks like a fun project. Thanks for sharing on Merry Monday.

  3. Meg says:

    Adorable. I have always dreamed of having little fairy tea parties in my backyard with my daughters. I have two little boys right now, but even they would think these little houses are cool. Thanks!

  4. Marsha Blog says:

    Fantastic! I can’t believe that you’re so creative and meticulous. I have two children and they’re watching for ideas with me. You know, my daughter is really enjoy your garden house ^^

    • DazzleWhileFrazzled says:

      Thanks! My daughter is all about fairies so hopefully this little fairy house brings good vibes to my plants!

  5. Debra Needles says:

    I love this!!! I just bought my first couple of fairy garden pieces. Never thought of making one myself! Pinning this to my Garden Ideas board! Thanks for sharing with us at Funtastic Friday 🙂

  6. Audra @ Renewed Projects says:

    I was wondering how to made it kiddo safe, thanks for sharing what tool you used. I made some tin can fairy houses a couple summers ago but refused to let my kids help after I had the doors cut out of fear they would slice their fingers. They will be tickled to get to make some this summer!

  7. LydiaF says:

    Fun project! Love the colorful whimsy and I’m sure the fairies are very comfortable 🙂 Thanks for sharing with us at Creatively Crafty #ccbg

  8. debbie says:

    What a fun and cute idea! The party sounded wonderful as well. The colors are lovely and it looks so cute in the planting you placed it. Thank you for sharing at TADA! Thursdays.

  9. Karren Haller says:

    Oh My Heart, I just had to come see your miniature can fairy house, soooooo dang cute!!!
    Pinned on my huge board of fairy gardens!!!
    Also following you now on Pinterest, FB and Twitter!!!
    Thanks for sharing on #OHGWW this week!
    Hope you make it next week!!!

  10. Carol ("Mimi") says:

    This sounds like a great idea for a birthday party. The children had a chance to learn something and to use their imaginations. The fairy houses are so cute!
    Carol (“Mimi”) from Home with Mimi

  11. Leslie says:

    Those are so cute! My kids would definitely love to make one of them for their fairy garden. Thanks so much for sharing at the #happynowlinkup!

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