DIY Halloween Witches Cape from Men’s T-Shirt

INSIDE: How to make a Halloween witches cape using a men’s large t-shirt. Easy Halloween kids witch cape costume idea.

Make an easy witches cape for Halloween from men's large t-shirt | DazzleWhileFrazzled.comOf all the holidays, Halloween was never my favorite. I was just not into dressing up and having people looking at me. (Go figure. A wallflower with a blog all these years later!)

This all changed when I had kids. When I realized how much fun it was to dress up a chubby baby in a pumpkin costume with mom and dad posing as farmers, or to pretend to be a gnarly group of pirates. Suddenly, I was all about Halloween!

But, we have a rebel in our midst. My oldest stamped her Converse clad foot down last Halloween and declared the end to her going in theme. So while the rest of us went in a fire(man) theme, she went as a wicked witch….shooting flames out of her homemade broom? I’m reaching to make it work. Brouhaha!
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DIY Halloween Witches Cape from Men’s T-Shirt

My oldest is too cute to be wicked but every witch still needs a black cape. This is how I sewed a super easy witches cape from a super cheap men’s large t-shirt.

When you find yourself one hallowed night speed walking after a three year old, dressed as a caterpillar to accompany his butterfly clad sister (see the theme?) who is literally running from house to house. As you catch up, you see him standing in front of a door, basket at the ready, having totally gotten the grasp of the whole trick-or-treat thing. As the door is opened by a friendly-looking person, our little caterpillar takes it as his welcome to confidently walk into this person’s home, who is standing there mouth agape. It took several minutes and some candy coaxing to get him out!

– Oversized black t-shirt (I used a large men’s t-shirt)
– Black ribbon
– Sewing machine + black thread
– Sewing scissors

diy easy sew kids halloween witches cape

Step #1:
Spread the t-shirt out flat. Cut off the arms on both sides.

Step #2:
With the t-shirt laid front-side up, make a cut down the center front. From bottom to neckline.

Step #3:
Cut both shoulder seams. At this point, you should have a funky-lookin’ t-shirt rectangle.

Step #4:
With the t-shirt totally spread out, you are going to want to even up this misshapen rectangle. Cut the side seams of the t-shirt so you wind up with two small rectangles. Then, make one large rectangle from the back of the t-shirt.

In a nutshell, you want to square off where the arm holes where and cut off the neckline.

Step #5:
Pin the smaller rectangles to the larger rectangle on both sides. Sew both sides together.

Step #6:
With the sides all sewn together, lay out flat and cut simple triangles at the bottom of the cape.

Step #7:
Pin a large piece of black ribbon to the top of the cape (where the neckline once was). Sew onto the t-shirt. Be sure to leave enough ribbon on both sides in order to form a tie or bow.

Step #8:
If desired, use up the t-shirt remnants to form a ruffle on both sides of the cape. I made two such ruffles to cover up the seams where I sewed the parts of the t-shirt together.
Use men's t-shirt to make easy black Halloween witches cape |

Much to the eye rolling angst of my little good witch, homemade Halloween costumes are my absolute fave! This mama may not make it out of a big box store if she must buy pre-made!
Halloween DIY easy black witches cape|
Not bad for a over-sized t-shirt and a piece of black ribbon!
DIY Halloween costume black witches cape |

Make an easy witches cape for Halloween from men's large t-shirt |
What homemade Halloween costumes have you made over the years?

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22 thoughts on “DIY Halloween Witches Cape from Men’s T-Shirt

  1. Julie says:

    That’s such a good idea. We used to make capes from black bin bags and duck tape but this is SO much better. But then my kids would normally give a max of 12 hours notice for costumes so you just do what you can!

  2. Leanna says:

    Your frazzled moments may be hard on you, but they are so much fun for me. lol. I really love reading them as i find each one jogs a Mom memory of my own. Thanks so much for the stories and I love the themed Halloween ideas even if your girl is showing her independence.

  3. Hil says:

    What a fun cape!! I love dressing like a witch all year long! So great!

    Thanks for sharing at #bloggerspotlight!

    Shared on my group boards.

  4. Fabiola Rodriguez says:

    Lovely cape! I also like to DIY as much as I can, and Halloween costumes can be pricey, so anything I can make myself is welcome. Thanks for the idea! My little girl wants to be a witch this year so this will come in handy.
    Greetings from the Blogger’s Pit Stop!

  5. Kathleen says:

    I’m a horrible Mom, I’ve never made any costumes! Your cape is fabulous. Love that you do the family theme thing:) Thanks for sharing at Vintage Charm! xo Kathleen|Our Hopeful Home

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