Make an Easy Clean Thanksgiving Table

INSIDE: Ideas for setting an easy to clean Thanksgiving dinner table using decorative paper plates and napkins.

How to create an easy clean-up Thanksgiving table | DazzleWhileFrazzled.comHave you ever noticed that the dinnertime clean-up takes longer than it takes folks to eat the food? Holiday or not, the food seems to get consumed at some break-neck speed with nothing left but dirty plates, crumpled napkins and crumbs on the floor as evidence a meal just occurred.

So this Thanksgiving, why not cut yourself some slack and focus on the food, family and dinnertime drama instead of a sink full of dirty plates and silverware?

See how I used plastic tablecloths and paper plates to create an easy clean-up Thanksgiving table.
*I was sent product by Oriental Trading for the creation of this project. All opinions are mine.
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easy clean thanksgiving table

Paper plates and plastic silverware gets a bad wrap but gone are the days of white styrofoam plates and cheap plastic forks. There are so many great toss away dinnerware options out there. So I’m excited to be working with Oriental Trading Company to create a pretty Thanksgiving table using disposable dinnerware and decorations.

What I used to create my Thanksgiving Table!
– Chocolate Brown and Orange Table Cloth
– Copper Chevron Scalloped Dinner Plates
– Orange Dessert Plates
– Chocolate Brown Chevron Napkins
– Chocolate Brown High Cutlery Set
– Clear Cups
– Mini Cocktail Clear Cups
– Pumpkin Decorations
– Weaving Placemats
– Pumpkin Patch Shaped Sticker Scenes

how to set a thanksgiving table

I started my easy clean-up Thanksgiving table by creating the centerpiece. I used two plastic table cloths, folded them in half and gathered them with a few pieces of raffia.
How to create an easy clean-up Thanksgiving table |
Fill the center of the table with a variety of pumpkins, tissue paper pumpkins and table plants.
How to create an easy clean-up Thanksgiving table |

Involve the kids in the Thanksgiving festivities by having them create placemats. It’s a great way to keep them out of the kitchen, if only for a few minutes!
How to create an easy clean-up Thanksgiving table |
Create simple napkin fans and fill the mini cocktail cups with a sweet dinnertime treat.
How to create an easy clean-up Thanksgiving table |
Create your own autumn-themed custom straws by using the extra acorns included in the weaving placemat kits and glue them onto orange polka dot paper straws.
How to create an easy clean-up Thanksgiving table |
Give disposable plates and silverware a new look this Thanksgiving holiday and create your own easy clean Thanksgiving table!
How to create an easy clean-up Thanksgiving table |
How to create an easy clean-up Thanksgiving table |

how to keep kids busy at thanksgiving dinner

Keep the kids busy, whether at their own table or after the meal, with an autumn-themed sticker set. It also makes for a fun Thanksgiving take home!
How to create an easy clean-up Thanksgiving table |

Would you consider using paper plates and napkins and plastic cutlery for you holiday feast?
It certainly makes for a fuss-free, easy clean Thanksgiving table!

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48 thoughts on “Make an Easy Clean Thanksgiving Table

  1. Meegan says:

    How fun! I love all the creative ways you include your family. It is so wonderful to have them help, isn’t it?
    Thanks for sharing your quick clean up ideas.
    Have a great week.

    • DazzleWhileFrazzled says:

      Thanks Kelly! Yes, there are really cute paper products out there nowadays. No more white styrofoam dinner plates!

  2. Zan Turner says:

    Plastic plates and spoons etc sound good to me! I love using them various times at home when I don’t want to clean up. What a great idea to use it for a Thanksgiving tablescape!!

  3. Tracey says:

    I love this! We have a lot of children at our Thanksgiving table, and the thought of using my good dishes makes me cringe. I am totally down with the disposable plates!

  4. Krishna says:

    You had me at easy clean! What a beautiful Thanksgiving table you’ve created. I usually dread having to clean up after everyone once the food has been eaten, but I might have to steal some of your ideas. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Julie says:

    Finally a practical (and fun!), kid-friendly table! I have six kids and am always looking for creative ways to keep them involved while I’m preparing the food! I especially love the placemats! Thank you!

  6. Susanne says:

    So festive!!! I love all the bright colors 🙂 I always use paper plates and plastic silverware for holiday gatherings, but nothing as beautiful as this! Thank you for sharing at TaDa Thursday!!

  7. Sandra L Garth says:

    Oriental Trading has a great line of holiday decor and I love how you styled this table. Using decorative paper and plastic is a good way for us to enjoy the festivities rather than too tired to have fun.

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