Teachers Rule: DIY Teacher Appreciation Gift

INSIDE: How to create a DIY teacher appreciation gift using inexpensive photo frames and rulers.

DIY Teacher Appreciation GiftTeachers rule! As a [frazzled] mom to three, I’m not sure how our teachers can calmly and patiently manage a class of 20-something when I’m often run ragged by my trio. So whenever I can show my daughter’s teachers how much they are greatly appreciated, I’m all over it.

As the school year comes to a rapid close, I want to gift these special teachers with a small but creative token of their daily hard work…and to keep them in our good graces for my two active boys who’ll be entering their classrooms shortly! Yikes.

So, I created an end of year Teacher Appreciation Gift that shows them how much they “rule”!

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DIY teacher appreciation gift

Show your teachers how much they “rule” in four easy steps!

Bonus: Have your child write a note or draw a picture to include within the frame.

Supplies (to make one frame):
– Picture frame (simple and inexpensive)
– 4 x wooden rulers
– Craft glue (this is my favorite)
– Cardstock (or scrapbook stickers like these)
Foam adhesive squares (if using cardstock)
– Scissors
– Lined notebook paper (optional)
DIY Teacher Appreciation Gift

how to make an easy homemade teacher gift

Step No. 1:
Measure the ruler against the size of picture frame you are using. Cut rulers accordingly.

Friendly Note:
I was able to cut these rulers using my regular ole all purpose scissors. No special sharp tools needed. Yay!

Step No. 2:
Glue the rulers onto the frame. You may need to weigh it down with some soup cans or use clamps to hold in place.
DIY Teacher Appreciation Gift
Step No. 3:
If so desired, create some simple teacher graphics using the templates below and some cardstock. They were adhered with some foam adhesive squares for a 3D look.












If not feeling that crafty, use scrapbook stickers instead. It’s all about the thought, right?!

DIY Teacher Appreciation Gift
Step No. 4:
Insert a sheet of lined notebook paper inside the frame. Have your child write their teacher a Thank You or draw a picture!
DIY Teacher Appreciation Gift

another teacher thank you gift idea

Fellow blogger, Mistie from Homespun Engineer, has a another great DIY Teacher Gift. She came up with a very personalized and clever teacher gift!

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68 thoughts on “Teachers Rule: DIY Teacher Appreciation Gift

  1. Pili says:

    Such a cute idea as a teacher’s gift!! I am sure they will keep it as special memories, nothing better than a handmade gift made with love.

  2. Vanessa says:

    This is such a great project. I love how easy to make and looks great. Thank you for sharing at Dishing it and DIgging it link party. We love having you.

  3. Debbie says:

    I love this idea. I have to say I was never one organized enough to even get to the place of thinking ahead and gift giving. I so admire mom’s like you and the idea that you made it and made it personal and special is even more special. It takes far more time to plan out this idea and make it than to just purchase a gift at the store. Thank you for sharing it with TADA!

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