DIY Christmas Shopping Bag Door Hanger

INSIDE: DIY Christmas holiday shopping bag “Gone Shopping” door hanger-wreath using Christmas gift bag and presents.

Use a Christmas gift bag to make an easy Christmas "Gone Shopping" door hanger-wreath | DazzleWhileFrazzled.comThere are many things that mark the holiday season – one of them (good or bad, depending on your views) being – shopping. Shopping and shopping and maybe some more shopping!

So as we click away frantically on that “buy” button, this Handmade Holiday craft idea pays homage to this one aspect of the season with a very simple DIY Christmas Shopping Bag Door Hanger.

Put together within minutes, giving you more time to wrap up all those shopping spree purchases!
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DIY Christmas Shopping Bag Door Hanger

You may already have these crafty Christmas shopping bag door hanger supplies on hand. Or, you may find yourself reaching for a box, placed at an unbelievably high height, of your holiday gift wrapping supplies as you teeter totter on a ladder in the garage store room. I guess this is what happens when the husband puts away the Christmas decorations!

Christmas gift bag (I used one that was 10 x 12″)
– Variety of empty boxes (I scoured my house for boxes to wrap)
Christmas wrapping paper
Christmas tissue paper
– Assorted Christmas ribbon
Scrapbook paper + marker

DIY Christmas front door decoration

Once you’ve scoured your home for a variety of boxes, wrap each one (I did a total of four) in coordinating Christmas wrapping paper and/or tissue paper. Tie a couple with decorative ribbon.
How to make a Christmas door hanger-wreath using a Christmas gift bag, wrapped presents and ribbon |
I stuffed the bottom of the Christmas gift bag with some lightweight kitchen hand towels. (No one will ever know how you got those boxes to stand up!) Arrange the wrapped boxes within the bag in a layout you like best. You may need to roll a piece of tape to the back of some boxes so they stay in place.
Stuff a Christmas shopping bag with wrapped presents to make a DIY Christmas front door shopping bag door hanger decoration |
Insert a long piece of ribbon between the two gift bag handles. Use this ribbon to hold the gift bag upright and to secure to your door.

I sketched out a simple gift tag on some holiday scrapbook paper and wrote the phrase “Gone Shopping” on the gift tag. Make a hole punch at the top and insert a ribbon. Or, buy something pre-made like these large blank gift tag hangers.
Make a DIY Christmas gift tag to hang on a DIY 10-minute Christmas shopping bag door hanger |

easy diy handmade christmas door decor

Find a visible place to tie the “Gone Shopping” tag onto the gift bag and secure with a bow. If desired, stuff some extra tissue paper around the sides of the gift bag.
How to make a DIY Christmas front door decoration using a Christmas gift bag and wrapped presents to mimic a stuffed Christmas shopping bag |
What kind of holiday gift shopper are you? Do you love the rush of the crowds or prefer to shop in your comfiest jammies at home? Let me know in the comments.

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13 thoughts on “DIY Christmas Shopping Bag Door Hanger

  1. Cathy Lillie says:

    This is one of those projects where you ask yourself, “Why didn’t I think of that!”. This is so clever and festive! I’m definitely adding this to my decorating list! Thank you for sharing!

  2. JaneEllen says:

    So inventive and so smart,adorable too. What a fun idea and so festive.
    Last year I used a gift bag I got at $tree with reindeer on it as decoration on our 1/2 wall between kitchen and living room. Just carefully cut them out ,strung together and had a decoration.
    Enjoyed it more due to being thrifty decoration. Your bag on door must get lots of cute comments,it should. To me is more fun to challenge myself to make something simple into something unexpected and cute. Loved your door decoration so much.
    Happy Sunday

  3. Kathleen says:

    I’m all for using cute bags for decor — there are so many unbelievably cute ones out there these days! Love this idea! Thanks for sharing at Vintage Charm — hope to see you there at tomorrow’s party as well:) xo Kathleen |Our Hopeful Home
    P.S. Pinned!

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