Yo-ho-ho! DIY Super Easy Kid Pirate Boot Covers

INSIDE: How to make DIY kid pirate boot covers for Halloween or dress-up time.

DIY Easy Kid Pirate Boot Covers | DazzleWhileFrazzled.comDo you have a pirate lad or lassie at home? A little guy or gal running around yelling “arr” and “shiver me timbers” and talking about gold doubloons?

Why not make them a pair of super cute, super easy and super fast pirate boot covers using a piece of felt!

Cover their existing rain boots and add some gold coins and send them on their way to battle the seas and hunt for treasure. Yo-ho-ho and away they go, like this…

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DIY easy kid pirate boot covers

Let’s Batten Down The Hatches:
– Standard sheets of felt (I used two 8.5×11″ pieces)
– Sewing machine (here’s a basic sewing machine should you not have one)
– Black thread + sewing straight pins
– 4 x Gold Coins
– Fabric glue (this is some of my favorite glue)

Avast! Step #1: Wrap a piece of felt around the boot with the ends meeting at the back of the boot. Wrap tightly and hold in place with some sewing pins.
DIY Easy Kid Pirate Boot Covers | DazzleWhileFrazzled.com

Aye-Aye! Step #2: Slip the pinned cover up and over the boot. Blimey! You have lots of choices at this point…

You can sew the felt together (as I did) or use my all-time fave, fabric glue. Once secured, slip the felt cover back over the boot and fold down the excess felt to resemble a cuff.

Arr! Step #3: Lots of options here, me landlubbers, to dress-up the pirate boots. I chose to use fabric glue to add gold doubloons to the outsides of the boots. Other ideas include adding ribbon and a buckle, or adhering iron-on pirate patches available at any craft store.
DIY Easy Kid Pirate Boot Covers | DazzleWhileFrazzled.com
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10 thoughts on “Yo-ho-ho! DIY Super Easy Kid Pirate Boot Covers

  1. Kate Hollingsworth says:

    Oh Victoria why couldn’t I have this idea when I was searching for book week costumes?? These pirate boots are AWESOME! My kids will love them (and I’ll be featuring your pirate boots at this week’s party). xx

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