How to Make a DIY Holiday Photo Tin Can Vase

INSIDE: Use a tin can with personal photos to make a Christmas holiday flower vase.

Use a tin can to make a Christmas photo flower vase for easy gift giving and Christmas home decor | DazzleWhileFrazzled.comAre you a holiday movie junkie? Clearly I am. My husband rolls his eyes when he finds me watching a sappy holiday movie on the Hallmark channel…as early as October! (I admit it’s a little much to see Santa Claus while I still have jack o’lanterns in my front yard.)

There are some movies I could watch year after year and still enjoy them as much as I did the first time. One of them being the Family Stone. Do you know this movie? Gotta love a dysfunctional family at Christmas!

See how I created a very easy and simple holiday craft, from a 28oz tin can, inspired by the movie Family Stone and the importance of family this time of year.

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diy christmas holiday photo tin can vase

This makes for an easy gift to give grandma, who welcomes anything with the grandkids photos all over it. The only time-consuming part of this crafty holiday DIY is narrowing down the cutest photos of the kids to print! Check out the Tin Can Photo Vase I created for Mother’s Day!

– Tin Can (I used a 28oz can), cleaned and label removed
– Photos (color or black and white) printed on premium photo paper
Mod Podge + craft paint brush
– Craft scissors
Clear Acrylic Sealer (spray)
– Ribbon or trim (do you love pom pom trim as much as I do?)
Glue gun

diy tin can christmas flower vase

Step No. 1
Measure the dimensions of your tin can and print photos to fit the size. I converted my photos to black and white but that is an optional step.

Cut out the photos.
Make a holiday photo tin can vase in 4 easy steps |

Step No. 2
Apply some Mod Podge under the corners of the photos and along the sides. Place the photos onto the can. It’s okay if the ends overlap the can.
Make a holiday photo tin can vase in 4 easy steps |

Step No. 3
Cut off any excess paper along the top and bottom of the can with craft scissors.
Make a holiday photo tin can vase in 4 easy steps |

Step No. 4
Apply the pom pom trim to the top of the can. Apply a thin ribbon to the bottom of the can.
Make a holiday photo tin can vase in 4 easy steps |

Fill with cut flowers (best to insert a secondary vase inside the tin can) or a small potted plant. Or, use it to create a gift basket full of favorite things.

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18 thoughts on “How to Make a DIY Holiday Photo Tin Can Vase

  1. Megan says:

    You’ve inspired me to watch this movie! I love While You Were Sleeping for a family christmas tale, since their family reminds me so much of mine. This photo tin would be a beautiful gift or addition for Christmas!!

  2. Diana says:

    What a great idea, Victoria–simple and not too costly. Thanks for sharing all of your ideas with us at Vintage Charm–it’s a delight to have you join in with us 🙂

  3. Mila Bassett says:

    I like Christmas crafts that are quick and easy, there is so much to do during the holidays. This will be perfect for my 4-year-old and me to do together. Pinning it for safekeeping.

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