DIY 10-Minute Easter Peeps Centerpiece

INSIDE: How to make a DIY 10 minute Easter Peeps centerpiece using plastic Easter eggs and Peeps marshmallows.

So… I’ve never eaten a Peeps in my life! Incredible, I know. I’ve just never had the desire to try the sugar-coated marshmallow-shaped bunny or bird I see on the shelves every Easter-Spring season.

However that all changed the other day when I tossed a box of Peeps in my shopping cart. I totally caved – all in the name of crafting!

Let’s make the easiest Peeps centerpiece in 10 minutes…

DIY easter peeps centerpiece

Soon Peter Cottontail will be coming hippity hoppity down the bunny trail. Greet him in festive style with a craft made in bunny speed! In 10 minutes, make an egg-cellent Peeps centerpiece using an egg-ful of supplies you may already have at home.

Gather Your Sugar Sweet Supplies:
– Peeps
wood skewers (Here’s another project to create with extra BBQ skewers.)
– pipe cleaners
– plastic eggs (Use the kind that has a hole at the bottom of the cup)
green cardstock
– hole punch

How to make a 10 minute Peeps centerpiece
Did you notice the missing Peeps? Yes, I tried one! Not bad, not bad.

DIY easter peeps spring table decor

This marshmallow-y goodness of an Easter craft can be done in five sweet steps!

Peeps #1: Wrap a pipe cleaner around a wood skewer. Depending on how shallow your centerpiece is, you may need to use two pipe cleaners to fully cover the skewer.

Peeps #2: Fold a piece of green cardstock in half and cut out a simple leaf shape. You will need at least two sets of leaves per Peeps skewer.

Peeps #3:  Using a hole punch, make a hole through the leaves.
How to make a 10 minute Peeps centerpiece
Peeps #4: Gently push the skewer through the hole at the bottom of the plastic egg.

Peeps #5: Skewer your marshmallow Peeps so that it sits nicely in the egg cup.
How to make a 10 minute Peeps Easter centerpiece
This peppy Peeps centerpiece is easily put together in bunny speed in five simple steps.

A cute way to greet Peter Cottontail as he makes his way down the bunny trail!
How to make a 10 minute Peeps centerpiece

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44 thoughts on “DIY 10-Minute Easter Peeps Centerpiece

  1. Wendi @ H2OBungalow says:

    These are so cute & festive! You know the best part about using Peeps to decorate? They don’t change. They could sit out for months and not change at all…and they don’t even melt! We tried tostaing them like marshmellows over a fire one year, and they wouldn’t even cook! Ha, I think they have too many preservatives! I like your project so much better than the thought of eatting them:)

    • DazzleWhileFrazzled says:

      Thanks! I had to try one but my kids don’t know they are edible so I’d prefer to keep it that way!! 🙂

    • DazzleWhileFrazzled says:

      Thanks! This project was my first-time trying a Peeps…and I only did it in the name of crafting!!

  2. Coombe Mill - Fiona says:

    what a lovely idea, these really are cute, I have never heard of peeps never mind tried them, I shall have to look out for them now! If you get a chance please join me for Trash 2 Treasure my upcycling linky. Popping by today from The Really Crafty Link up

  3. Janice Wald says:

    I love peeps! A stress-free project? I love to cook. Thanks again for your visit last week. Once again, please forgive my delay in replying. Spam folder (Akismet?) caught your comment.

  4. debbie says:

    Edible Easter Bouquet! I might eat a peep or two if this was at my house. I know my kids (adults) would!. What creativity and they say there is nothing new under the sun…have not seen this before and it is just adorable and what a great and fun conversation piece! thanks for joining TADA!

  5. Carol ("Mimi") says:

    This is such a cute idea! I especially like how you wrapped the bright colored pipe cleaners around the skewers to add color and texture. I never would have thought of that. I love crafts like this one – simple, inexpensive, but turns out looking really festive and charming!

  6. Michelle says:

    To cute Victoria. Peter Cottontail is going to be super happy when he sees the little peeps, he’ll probably leave a whole bunch of extra Easter eggs just to say thank you ;-(

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