How To DIY Faux Fur with Fleece-Lining Wrap Tutorial

INSIDE: How to use faux fur fabric to make a DIY wrap with fleece lining. Easy sew wrap tutorial.

Easy sew faux fur wrap tutorial for cool and dressy nights | DazzleWhileFrazzled.comFor the past several years, my husband and I attend a formal holiday party, which is usually the one time of year we get all gussied up. leave our pint-sized trio at home  and head out for a kid-free night. And given that we live in Arizona – in December – you never know if you’ll still be flipping around in sandals or will need to pull out “winter clothes” (which is probably what most of the country wears in September!).

For this year’s holiday party, we were actually having a wee bit of a “cold front”. You know, daytime weather in the 60s. Wanting something a little more hefty than a pashmina, I created a super warm and comfy DIY faux fur wrap lined with fleece. Learn how I easily made this…

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DIY faux fur wrap

As someone who grew up in the Great White North (aka: Canada), I’ve become a cold weather wimp these past dozen years living in the Southwest. I used to spend all day building forts in the snow, and now I get all bundled up should the house temps dip into the low 70s. I’m clearly sun spoiled!

Dress “drama” – it ever happen to you? I decided -at the last hour- to order a new dress. When it arrived, the day before, I found myself staring at Part 1 of the outfit. Part 2 was MIA. And I’m pretty sure see through only works on very few people and I’m definitely not one of them!! Which is why -the morning of our event- I was standing at the cutting corner ordering 6 yards of tulle. I had convinced myself (thank you Pinterest!) that I could easily whip up a back-up outfit.  Fast forward to a sewing pattern crafted from brown paper grocery bags, a protractor that my husband created by taping pencils to his yard clippers to make the perfect half circle shape, a 5-year old upset that my fabric was blocking his sliding down the hallway, a 7-year old who insisted on learning how to sew at this exact frazzled time, and a frustrated grown woman in tears wearing a tulle skirt that looked like something better suited for Halloween then a formal affair! Time for Plan C.

– 0.375 yard of faux fur fabric
– 0.375 yard polar fleece (I used black anti-pill fleece fabric)
– Straight pins + thread to match the color of the faux fur
– Sewing scissors (Great scissors for both sewing and crafting)
– Sewing machine (Great name in sewing machines and for under $100)
– Vintage frog closure button (These are so neat and come in many colors and styles)

easy sew faux fur shrug tutorial

Step #1:
Lay the faux fur right side up. Pin the fleece to the two short sides and one long side. Sew these three sides together.

How to sew an easy faux fur wrap tutorial |
Step #2:
Turn the piece right side out. Lay down with fleece side up. Fold the raw edge of the faux fur onto the fleece. Pin and sew.

How to make a winter shrug from faux fur with fleece lining |
Step #3:
This step is best done in front of a mirror.  Wrap the faux fur shawl around your shoulders and determine where you want it to join. Place a pin at this area on both sides of the faux fur wrap.

Make a dressy black faux fur wrap with fleece lining for cool nights |


Step #4:
Stitch the frog closure where you have a pin.

Wrap the faux fur shawl around your shoulders for a warm and comfy night out on the town!

Easy sew faux fur wrap tutorial for cool and dressy nights |

How do you get gussied up for cool yet dressy evenings?

Go out on date night with a DIY faux fur wrap with this easy sew tutorial |
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10 thoughts on “How To DIY Faux Fur with Fleece-Lining Wrap Tutorial

  1. Teresa says:

    Oh, it’s really pretty. I got one as a gift a long time ago, but I never thought about making one myself. Thank you for sharing at The Really Crafty Link Party. Pinned!

  2. Julie says:

    Such a classy and sophisticated idea to keep out the chill!
    I’d love to now what part of the other outfit was MIA though? Topless? Bottomless?
    All’s well that end’s well!

  3. debbie says:

    I have to tell you this is one of those that is a look for less because it looks just like the one my daughter bought at Chicos for her brother’s wedding this week. Great Job!

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