How to Make an Easy DIY Outdoor Holiday Garland

INSIDE: How to make an easy DIY outdoor holiday garland using foam and spray paint.

DIY thrifty outdoor Christmas garland using foam shapes | DazzleWhileFrazzled.comThe day after we’ve successfully stuffed ourselves with lots of turkey and fixins’ seems to be the day we haul out all the holiday decor boxes. You know, those boxes that weigh a ton as you wobble on a ladder in the garage.

However, much to my husband’s delight, I do have one box that weighs practically nothing. It’s full of foam shapes.

Foam shapes?! Let me show you how to make a large-scale diy outdoor holiday garland…
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easy diy outdoor holiday garland

This is an easy yet slightly messy project! If the weather is agreeable, you may need to work outside.

Flat foam disks
– Bag of multi-shaped foam spheres
– Clear fishing line wire
– Bamboo barbeque skewers
– Red, Green, White, Silver spray paint (this Fusion spray paint is designed for plastic and outdoor)
Metal barbeque skewer
– Clear tape

$1 Craft Supplies at Dollar Tree!

diy christmas garland

Step #1:
Have you ever tried to spray paint foam balls? Tried it here. You give them a spray and they blow away! Skewer them like a shish-ka-bob with the bamboo barbeque skewers and they stay put.
Make a DIY outdoor holiday garland |

Step #2:
Once all the foam disks and spheres are dried – you may need to give them 2-3 coats – it’s time to begin the garland assembly process.

After some failed attempts involving a wooden skewer and a small screwdriver, I pulled out a metal BBQ skewer which had much more ‘umph’ to get through the foam.

I tapped the end of my fishing wire to the metal BBQ skewer and plunged it through the foam. This became a much easier way to feed the wire through versus drilling the hole then inserting the wire.
Make a DIY outdoor holiday garland |
Step #3:
Continue stringing your foam along until you like what you see and it’s long enough to fit the desired location.

I did a combo of two foam balls to three foam disks, varying the colors as I went along. Once I hit my 6′ length, I called it success!
Make a DIY outdoor holiday garland |
This DIY outdoor holiday garland definitely adds a colorful seasonal pop of color to the front of my house!
Use foam shapes and spray paint to make a red, green and white Christmas outdoor garland |


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14 thoughts on “How to Make an Easy DIY Outdoor Holiday Garland

  1. Mary-the boondocks blog says:

    Victoria that is such a cute idea. And I really like how you did it with the skewers and the fisherman’s wire. My husband fishes and I’m always stealing his wire for my projects. It is strong and yet so lightweight and barely there.

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