DIY Peter Cottontail Girls Knee High Socks for Easter

INSIDE: How to make DIY Peter Cottontail bunny girls knee high socks for Easter.

DIY Girls Easter Bunny Knee High Socks for Spring | DazzleWhileFrazzled.comThis project is all because of Crazy Sock Day at school. My daughter is typically an enthusiastic participant in these school activities. And I (secretly) share her enthusiasm to help her come up with the most creative idea of them all! Funky socks no exception.

My daughter’s only request for this themed day was that her socks be “pretty and pink”. So tasked with these “2P’s”, I picked up some knee high socks and riffled through my bag of felt pieces to create some fun and cute girls knee high socks that are perfect for Spring.  And Crazy Sock Day. Here’s how to make some for a little girl in your life, or maybe just you…
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diy girls knee high socks for easter

Spring is around the corner and so is Peter Cottontail. These DIY socks are perfect for spring and Easter!

– Knee high socks
– Felt (white, gray, red and black)
– Faux fur fabric (or large white pom pom)
– Embroidery thread (pink and black)
– Sewing machine (*Don’t want to sew, use fabric glue)
DIY Girls Easter Bunny Knee High Socks for Spring |

Step #1:
Lay out the knee high socks so the middle of the sock is facing you. (Imagine how the sock would be positioned if wearing it.)

Cut two oval shapes for the bunny face AND cut four bunny ears from the white felt.

Cut four gray small bunny ear inserts. Sew (or glue) onto the white bunny ears.
DIY Girls Easter Bunny Knee High Socks for Spring |

Step #2:
Create a miniature bunny face. I created mine using felt pieces but you could easily do the same using fabric pens. These pieces were sewn on, or use fabric glue to secure.

Use embroidery thread to sew a simple bunny mouth. Too much work? Use fabric pens.

Step #3:

Arrange the bunny ears onto the sock with the ears peeking out over the top of the knee high. Sew the ears on.

Place the bunny face over the raw edges of the ears. Pin and sew. I will admit this step requires some patience as you don’t want to sew the sock shut!

Step #4:
Use a circle shape to trace two bunny tails from some faux fur fabric. I opted to hand sew these on. Easier yet would be to use large white pom poms.

So did I successfully accomplish my daughter’s “2P’s”: pretty and pink?
DIY Girls Easter Bunny Knee High Socks for Spring |
The back of the sock – with the Peter Cottontail – is my favorite!
DIY Girls Easter Bunny Knee High Socks for Spring |
DIY Girls Easter Bunny Knee High Socks for Spring |
The socks came in a two-pack so now what do create with the second pair of knee high socks? Leave your ideas in the comments!

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27 thoughts on “DIY Peter Cottontail Girls Knee High Socks for Easter

  1. Teresa says:

    Those are absolutely adorable! I love Peter Cottontail (even more than my kids), so I’m definitely making one of these for my daughter!
    Thank you for sharing at The Really Crafty Link Party. Pinned!

  2. Jane @ Raincity Librarian says:

    These are so cute!! I can actually see myself making a grown-up pair of these for myself and wearing them to an Easter or Spring kids program at work, the kids would be absolutely thrilled to see Miss Jane with bunnies on her socks!! 🙂

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