DIY Unique Festive Holiday Wreath from Puzzle Pieces

Make a festive holiday puzzle pieces wreath | DazzleWhileFrazzled.comMy sister is a “thrifter”. So much so that she’s started a reselling business from goods she finds during her weekly rotation of thrift stores.

When she found out I was on the hunt for inexpensive puzzles for a crafting project, she eagerly tagged along.

An hour later, she left with a box of randoms and me with two sets of puzzles. Check out how I turned this thrift store find into a festive holiday puzzle pieces wreath…

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make a holiday puzzle pieces wreath

In addition to these previously loved puzzle pieces I picked up, I also had a baggie of leftover puzzle pieces from having created the Puzzle Pieces Snowflake Wreath. Combining these pieces together, I had a puzzling situation ahead of me!

– Wire wreath form or flat wreath form
 White spray paint + primer
 Craft glue (this is my favorite to use on craft projects)
Red spray paint
Green spray paint
– Decorative holiday ribbon (I used a red and white candy cane stripe ribbon)

Step 1 – Get Your Paint On:
Give the puzzle pieces a coat of white spray paint + primer to cover up their original graphics.

Once dry, give them another coat of paint in whatever colors you select for your wreath. Clearly, I went with traditional holiday colors (red, green and white) but select the holiday colors you like best. (How do you like my festive spray painted towel in the backyard?!)
Make a festive holiday puzzle pieces wreath |
Step 2 – Put Your Pieces Together:
I reused a wire wreath from a previous project. I covered it with ribbon first to make the gluing easier. If using a flat wreath form, you may want to give it a spray of paint first to cover the wood.

Glue and arrange the puzzle pieces onto the wreath form. I added a base layer then filled in any gaps with additional puzzle pieces, varying the colors as I went along.
Make a festive holiday puzzle pieces wreath |

Step 3 – Put A Ribbon On It:
Leave a small section free from puzzle pieces. It will make attaching a ribbon much easier! Tie your ribbon and attach to the wreath form. Hang and admire your festive holiday puzzle pieces wreath decor!
Make a festive holiday puzzle pieces wreath |

Check out another puzzle pieces holiday wreath I made as part of my daughter’s class art project. Who knew puzzles had so many other uses?!
Make a festive holiday puzzle pieces wreath |

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