How to Create a Stair Step Subway Tile Pattern

INSIDE: How to create your own stair step subway tile pattern. Perfect as traditional subway tile backsplash alternative.

How to create your own stair step subway tile pattern | DazzleWhileFrazzled.comHome projects happen slowly here. If I had my way, everything would already be done and we’d be starting Round 2 by now! But my husband likes to take his time so the bigger projects take.a.long.time.

And so that is how – a year and a half later – we finally installed a back splash in our kitchen. Considering it cost us about $60, I’m not quite sure why it was such a long thought-out project but I married a thinker!

See how we stair stepped our way to a back splash…finally.

DIY stair step subway tile pattern

frazzled-momentThis is the second kitchen back splash we have DIY-ed. And I’m happy to say Round 2 came out 10x better than Round 1! Our first DIY attempt several years back resulted in a slightly wonky back splash in some areas and a super hard to reach corner that never got grouted and caulked correctly. Contributing to the overall backsplash funkiness was that we used tiles that were fished out of a dumpster we had sitting in our driveway during a renovation project. I still remember my husband walking in with his arms full of 6×6 tiles he found in his driveway dumpster dive, dumped in there by our floor installer, announcing this was our (free) back splash. He was so proud of himself!

This time ’round, we actually bought the tiles in the store like civilized folks. But because we have to put our own touch to projects, we created our own stair step subway tile pattern.
Stair Step Subway Tile; Alternative to Traditional Subway Tile Layout

how to install the subway tile pattern

Because this pattern was a little too “advanced” to just wing it, we opted to trace the tile pattern onto the wall. The probability of a crooked pattern was so very much a reality when it comes to our DIY projects! So the lucky husband spent a few hours tracing…and tracing and tracing.
Stair Step Subway Tile collage 2

creating the subway tile stair step pattern

Such is the story of our DIY projects but the prior tracing of the subway tiles did result in a straight pattern and one that lined up! And isn’t that what matters in the end?
Alternative to traditional subway tile; stair step subway tile pattern
Stair Step Subway Pattern: Alternative to traditional subway tile layout

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