Love Vintage Images? Use Them For a Fun Bar Backsplash

INSIDE: Instead of a tile backsplash, use vintage graphic images for a fun, creative bar backsplash idea.

How to use vintage images to make unique bar backsplash | DazzleWhileFrazzled.comDoes your house have a much-coveted “man cave”? My husband has all his signed basketballs, footballs and autographed prints safely tucked away in plastic bins in the garage. Poor guy. Someday. Maybe when the kids move out in some 13 years and we gain a room.

So in the meantime, all the guy has is a wet bar in the TV room. A little space where he can play bartender and come up with creative cocktails.

But before he could pop open a craft beverage, we needed to bring his “man cave” out of the 1980s and back into the 1920s?!

*This is not a sponsored post. Just a fan of this company where I got a cool graphic!

Create a bar backsplash with vintage graphics

Since the “man cave” sits in our beach-y vibe family room, I wanted to stay with that surf and sea theme. It’s amazing what one can find online, including *free* vintage photographs.

And it was this photograph of a group of 1920s bathing beauties in vintage bathing suits and parasols that we knew would look so cool as a backsplash alternative to tile. Thank You Library of Congress!
How to use vintage images to make unique bar backsplash

Creative bar backsplash Idea

With graphic saved to my hard drive, now to print it. Anyone have a large industrial I can borrow? After practically calling every single graphic printer in town and getting nowhere, I turned my search online where I discovered a very cool new material called Photo-Tex Adhesive Polyester Fabric by a company called

Essentially what I wound up ordering was a giant, re-positionable decal…that arrived wrinkled. Say what?! After a moderately panicked call to the company, I was told to iron away my problems. Because it’s fabric, after all!

Now for the [nerve-wracking] application…
How to use vintage images to make unique bar backsplash

So, how’s this for some bathing beauties in your “man cave”?! Have you used any unusual materials in place of traditional ones, like this bar backsplash?

How to use vintage images to make unique bar backsplash |

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18 thoughts on “Love Vintage Images? Use Them For a Fun Bar Backsplash

  1. Meredith says:

    Great idea !! I need a backsplash in my kitchen and I’m wondering how easy it is to clean, and if it is water proof ?

  2. Susan says:

    Where oh where did you find the photo? I am in love with its idea for a backslash in my pool house kitchen:) I have some historical bathing beauties in the bathroom so this wold coordinate perfectly!
    LOVE what you did with the cabinets…. great job!

  3. Alys Milner says:

    I have a photo of my Aunt (who won a bathing beauty contest in the thirties) This has really inspired to me think of ways to use that photo.

    Your bar/man cave look terrific.

  4. Rheta says:

    Great idea! It adds a lovely flair to that space. The addition of the blue paint really makes it pop and you can’t even see the plug unless you’re looking for it! Love it 🙂

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